4 Different Types Of Kombucha With Images

Types Of Kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented tea that when consumed because it is beneficial to one’s health. The tea may contain traces of antioxidant and live active cultures known as Probiotic although the probiotic content of a Kombucha drinks vary with Kombucha brands. There are different types of Kombucha and we will be discussing each type in this article. Continue to read below to know more.

Types Of Kombucha

Kombucha tea originated in China and gained its popularity in the 20th century because of the health benefits we can get from consuming this beverage. Typically, the Kombucha drink is prepared and brewed usually a week before it is served and because of that, during the fermentation process of the tea yeast is added. A SCOBY (Symbiotic colony of bacteria and Yeast) forms.

Listed below are the different types of kombucha. Also included here are Kombucha varieties in the market nowadays.

Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus tea is a type of Kombucha made from dried leaves of a hibiscus flower. The tea features a pinkish color, from the flower of the hibiscus plant.

To make this type of tea, the leaves are dried. Once drying process has completed, the dried leaves are brewed together with raw organic sugar. Although you can still use other kind of sugar, but the organic sugar is preferable. Also, since the Hibiscus tea has a pinkish hue, it will usually stain the SCOBY into a red color.

The brewing process of Hibiscus tea leaves is similar to when making regular black tea. Aside from that, Hibiscus Tea Kombucha also has the same benefits of regular black tea.

The Hibiscus leaves when brewed can make the tea sweet, therefore you can adjust the amount of sugar you add when brewing Kombucha and making Hibiscus Kombucha.

As previously mentioned, Kombucha contains live probiotics that promotes a healthy gut for good digestion.

White Tea

This type of Kombucha comes for the Camellia Sinensis plant. The process of making White tea is very simple since the leaves and the buds of the flower are harvested even before they start to bloom.

Since it is called a White tea, it appears to be lighter in colors as compared to other teas. The taste of White tea is more subtle.

Most of the time, White tea is added with either black or green tea. A combination of these type of tea will increase the health benefits you get from consuming this tea. White tea is known to improve one’s weight and works by burning unwanted fats while at the same time the teeth are protected from bacteria that could harm and damage your tooth.

Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea is Chinese tea made withering the plant in the sun before the twisting and curling process takes place. This Chinese delicacy is loved by many, although this types of kombucha is not as popular as the other teas mentioned here.

Oolong Tea Kombucha is not black tea nor green tea, but it has its own category of tea. Although most of the time, Oolong tea appears more similar to either black tea or green tea. The similarity varies and it depends on the process time of making Kombucha.

Several studies have shown that Oolong tea helps in burning fat therefore ideal to consume for individuals who wants to lose weight. Another health benefit of drinking Kombucha Oolong tea is that it contains L-theanine, an amino acid that can have good effects on one’s cognitive such as helps with the quality of sleep, activity of the brain is improved and with that results to lesser anxiety and stress levels.

Oolong tea only goes through partial oxidation, this means that the leaves are just left out in the sun to dry and wilted before brewing Kombucha to make into a tea.

Also, Oolong tea is not as sweet (contains little or no sugar at all) as other types of kombucha tea, giving you control on the amount of sugar content and the level of sweetness you want your tea to taste.

Oolong tea is versatile where you can combine it with other tea to enhance the flavor as well health benefits also increases.

Jun Tea

Jun Tea is not your typical Kombucha tea. While most Kombucha tea is made of either black tea and organic sugar, with Jun Tea it is made of green tea and honey. Aside from that, it is not as popular as the rest of Kombucha teas.

Because of its main ingredients: green tea and honey, Jun Tea is with no doubt contains health benefit properties. Green tea is known to contain antioxidant properties to prevent damage to one’s cells in the body while at the same promotes cell growth. As a result, body’s blood flow is improved and helps prevent cancer. On the other hand, Honey has the same antioxidant properties like Green tea. Therefore with green tea combined with honey can result to an increased in health benefits.

Making Jun kombucha is different from making regular kombucha. With Jun Kombucha, a regular SCOBY is changed by slowly adding it to the green tea in small amounts at a time.

Here is a list of different Kombucha available in the market today:

Better Booch Organic Kombucha

Better Booch Organic Kombucha is first on out list of the Kombucha culture tea available in the market. It is loaded with antioxidant properties and probiotic. There are different flavors available: Cirtus Sunshine, Ginger Boost, Cherry Retreat, Golden Pear, Morning glory, Rose Bliss and a lot more. The flavors are available on the link of the product provided here.

It comes as a 9-pack, each on 144 fl. oz. Since it is organic, it does not contain any added chemicals and ingredients therefore the flavor is natural. Better Booch Kombucha has low sugar content but has the same delicious taste.

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GT’s Organic Raw Kombucha Gingerade

GT’s Organic Raw Kombucha Gingerade comes in 16 ounce bottle (bottled Kombucha) and in a pack of 6. This variety of tea is made from Ginger.

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Health-Ade Kombucha Tea Organic Drink

A fermented tea with live probiotics from Health Ade. This Kombucha Tea is made from Non-GMO ingredients and have low sugar content. It is also vegan and gluten free. Loaded with antioxidant properties essential for gut health.

The package comes in 12 pack, each pack of 16 Fl. oz Kombucha bottles.

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Revive Organic Mango Orange Sparkling Probiotic Seltzer

This organic is considered to be the best organic Kombucha. Loaded with billions of live probiotics essential for gut health.

It has less sugar content, about 5 grams of organic cane sugar used. Low calorie content, about 35 grams.

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Kombucha Shop Kombucha Starter Kit

Another Kombucha tea is from Kombucha shop. This product is actually a starter kit that includes a galloon of for brewing own Kombucha at the comfort of home. Also included are thick glass, and a temperature gauge to help monitor the progress of your Kombucha brewing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can herbal tea be used to make Kombucha tea?

Herbal tea such as peppermint or chamomile cannot be used to make Kombucha tea because it cannot go through the fermentation process and does not contain the needed nutrients. therefore it should be avoided.

Is it okay to add spice and other flavors to your Kombucha tea?

Flavors such as Chai or Earl Grey should not be combined with your Kombucha tea because the flavors does not goes well with Kombucha and could result to an unfavorable process of fermented tea beverage.

Is Kombucha considered to be an Alcoholic beverage?

When yeast (main ingredient) is converted into sugar, sugar is then converted into alcohol during fermentation. However, during the process of fermentation process, the alcohol is then converted into vinegar.

Yes, a Kombucha tea may contain small amounts of alcohol, but it is usually 1% alcohol content or even less. This means that despite containing small amount of alcohol, when you drink Kombucha it will not make you drunk.

Which type of Kombucha tea does not contain alcohol?

Most of the homemade Kombucha can have alcohol, if you want kombucha with no alcoholic content, you can buy a non-alcoholic Kombucha instead. Most of the time, the packaging will show a 0.5% less alcohol.

Does Kombucha contain Caffeine?

Kombucha does contain caffeine. The amount of caffeine content depends on the tea leaves that we’re used to brew Kombucha tea and the time it takes for the tea to turn into liquid form.


Kombucha is a delicious and nutritious tea. It has many health benefits such as containing billions of probiotics which is responsible to the overall gut health that helps improve one’s digestion, and reduces inflammation. It is also known to be loaded with antioxidant properties that helps prevent cancer, control blood sugar level and improve cholesterol level.

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