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Skirt Steak Substitute

Skirt Steak is a thin and long cut of beef that is marinated or seasoned. It is used mostly in dishes suck as Fajitas, Bulgogi and Stir fries. Skirt steak is difficult to find however there are many other beef cuts out there that can replace or substitutes for skirt steak. In this post, let us talk about the best Skirt steak substitutes that you can use if skirt steak is not readily available and accessible.

Best Skirt Steak Substitutes

There are different beef cuts out there that can be used as an alternative to skirt steak. Although make sure that it also matches the flavor of the dish that you are making. Listed below are some of the best skirt steak substitute.

Skirt Steak Substitute

Flank Steak

Flank steak is popularly known as London Broil. A great substitutes for skirt steak. Flank Steak is a stake cut taken from the abdominal muscles of the animal which is just behind the chest.

Flank Steak is quiet similar with Skirt steak in terms of shape and size however Flank steak has more clear cut that runs with each cut.

Although Flank steak is a lean cut with a lesser beefy flavor as compared to skirt steak, however, it tends to be more tender when cooked.

Flank steak can be served as broiled, grilled, pan-seared and for Fajitas it can be sliced.

Skirt Steak Substitute

Strip loin Steak

Strip loin steaks can be a good substitute for skirt steak when used in different varieties of dishes because of its intense beefy flavor. Striploin steak can be prepared in several cooking methods: grilled, broiled or roast.

Using Striploin steak as an alternative to skirt steak can be used for Fajitas, slow cooked meal and pan-seared. A good choice too for your steak salad and steak wraps.

Although Striploin steak is more thicker than Skirt steak, therefore when buying striploin steak cut make sure to have the butcher have it cut thinly.

Sirloin Tip Side Steak

Sirloin Tip side steak is an excellent substitute for skirt steak. It is a cut from the rear muscle of the cow. It is also known as the Round. Sirloin tip side steak is a lean meat cut and is boneless.

This type of steak cur has loose grain therefore it goes well with marinades. It is best used with tacos, Fajitas, stir fries and other meat recipes that usually goes well with a rice and juice sauce.

Skirt Steak Substitute

Ribeye steak

Ribeye steak is a widely popular beef cut. It is a cut that is taken from the muscle of the beef that is covering the entire rib section of the animal. The muscle, which is also known as the longissimus muscle.

Ribeye steak has a buttery flavor and the texture is tender. If you are looking for a skirt steak substitute, Ribeye steak if the perfect choice. Aside from it is always readily available, it is also accessible as well. Aside from that, Ribeye steak is a combination between a beef flavor and a creamy taste in a single cut making it a great choice to use in different meat recipes.

Most of the time, Ribeye steaks are cooked as medium to medium rare cooking, but not well done as it tends to be hard and tough. If you are into grilling or pan-seared cooking, you can always use Ribeye steak as an alternative to Skirt steak.

Flat Iron Steak

Flat iron steak is known in different names such as Feather blade steak, oyster blade steak and butlers’ steak. Flat iron steak is taken from the shoulder of the animal therefore it has a more marbled texture and can give a flavorful result especially when cooked properly.

It can be an excellent choice to replace skirt steak because they are similar in terms of size, leanness and shape. If you will be using Flat iron steak as a substitute for skirt steak, make sure to sear these cut on high heat first then gradually decrease to lower heat setting.

Flat iron steak can give you a buttery flavor when used in tacos or fajitas.

Skirt Steak Substitute

Flap steak

Flap steak is also known for as Flap meat, Sirloin tip and Bavette. It is a cut taken from the bottom of the sirloin butt.

Flap Steak is an excellent choice for skirt steak substitute, although Flap steak is more leaner and has a rich beef flavor too.

Its meat grains holds and works well with marinades and are then cooked on high but dry heat, pan fried, grilled, boiled and stir fried.

Flap steak is budget friendly making it an affordable substitute for skirt steak since it is easier to produce and cut.

Hanger Steak

Hanger Steak is taken from the diaphragm of the cow. Generally, the diaphragm of the cow are cut into two different cuts which is the skirt steak (tougher muscle) and the other one is the Hanger steak.

Hanger steak is also known as Hanging tenderloin and Butcher’s steak. It is known as Butchers steak because butchers love to take this piece of meat at home rather than sell it.

The texture is similar to that of Flank steak but has a more grainy texture with and intense and rich flavor especially when cooked pan seared or grilled.

Cooking Hanger steak is done on rare to medium rare and nothing more. If more than that or when overcooked, the meat will become tough, hard and becomes chewy.

Skirt Steak Substitute

Beef Tenderloin

Beef Tenderloin is also known as Fillet, eye filler and filet mignon. It is made from the short loin part of the animal. It is relatively juicy and has a tender texture making it another great choice as skirt steak substitute.

Marinating Beef tenderloin is not actually needed because it is already tender. However, you can opt to rub it with spices and herbs for that delicious flavor in a steak even when cooked at high heat temperatures.

If you are looking for an alternative to skirt steak in recipes that needs meat to be more tender, Beef Tenderloin is the perfect substitute to use.

How do you choose a substitute for skirt steak

When looking for the best substitutes for skirt steak, you need to remember that Skirt steak has an intense flavor. Therefore, make sure that the substitute has more or less the same flavor and tenderness as that of skirt steak.

As mentioned, Strip loin steak has a rich beef flavor same goes with Flank steak. For a substitute when grilling and pan searing, you can choose the sirloin tip side steak and ribeye steak as an alternative instead.

Flat iron Steaks, hanger steak, Beef tenderloin steak and flap steak is an ideal choice to use as an alternative to be used for in Fajitas, casseroles, Tacos and other dishes on slow cooking.


What should you do to make Skirt steak tender?

If you want skirt steak to be tender rather than tough and chewy, it is always advised to be cooked in rare to medium-rare cooking.

How can you tenderize Skirt steak?

In order to tenderize skirt steak, you can marinate the steak for hours. You can also allow the marinade to sit overnight before cooking. You can add lime juice and vinegar to the marinade mixture.


Preparing a recipe with skirt steak is pretty easy and simple however if you can’t find skirt steak in the market you can try to use the best substitutes for skirt steak mentioned above.

Although the alternatives have a slightly different flavor and texture as that of a skirt steak, they are by far the most nearest steak substitute that you can use.

Either cooked or sliced, each of these steaks offers that beefy flavor, tenderness and the juiciness of the meat that we are all looking for.

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