20 Different Types Of Calathea With Images

types of calathea

Calathea, also known as Geoppertia, is a famous houseplant and is loved by many because of its beautiful leaves. There are different Calathea varieties, and each of Calathea varieties has their own distinctive characteristics in terms of its leaves such as some may have stripes and others have markings of colors maroon, green, cream and sometimes purple. In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about Calathea and the different types of Calathea plant as well as a tips on how to take care of the plant.

Different Types Of Calathea

What is Calathea plant

A native plant to tropical areas of countries such as America, Colombia and Brazil. Its plant specia name comes from the Latin word which is Calathus that means “Basket”. The name was based on the notion that the flowers of Calathea resembles to flowers in a basket.

The leaves of Calathea plant is wide and long. The leaves of some Calathea plant undergoes a process called Nysctinasty. This means that the Calathea leaves covers during the evening or onset of darkness , which is why the plant is also known as Prayer Plants, and it then reopens at the onset of dawn when a new day starts.

Most of the Calathea plant stands at about 1 to 3 feet tall.

types of calathea

What is Calathea plant used for

Since it is known as a popular house plant, it is mostly used at home as an indoor plant for decorative purposes. Although there are some who wants to place Calathea plant outdoor, you have to make sure that that area is somewhat more of a tropical or semi tropical.

Caring Guide for Calathea Plant

To protect and care for your Calathea plant, here are a few important things to keep in mind:

Light Requirement

The perfect light settings of Calathea plants is indirect lightning. Although all types of Calathea loves to under the shade may it be in a complete shade or partial shade.

Temperature Requirement

Since Calathea is a known tropical plant, a temperature of about 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit (warm indoor) is preferable since these plants do not require too much watering to survive.

Watering Requirement

Calathea needs water, it basically grows when using both the wet and dry method of watering. This means that, Calathea loves to be watered but not to the extent of heavy watering. Too much watering or if there is an excess amount of water on the soil, pests can invade the plant.

To make sure you are not overwatering the plant, you have to check the soil. If it seemed like the tip of the soil has already dried up, it means that it already needs watering.

Also, the Calathea plant meets the temperature requirement. Areas with low level of humidity can cause the tip of the leaves to easily dry up. As a result, the edges of the leaves starts to turn brown, sometime curl.

Feeding Requirement

Feeding basically means fertilization requirement of the plant. Although there is no need to constantly fertilize the plant, you may need to fertilize the plant at least every two weeks using a water soluble fertilizer made for houseplants like Calathea.

Soil Requirement

Although Calathea plant survived mostly in fertile soil on a well-drained pot, however you may need to use a mixture of at least 25% of extra peat moss to create a richer soil base. That way Calathea plant will survive and lasts.

Propogate the plant

When repotting Calathea plant, it is recommended to divide the plant. This means that tubers that are thickened that have one or more leaves on it is considered to a perfect find. After dividing the plant, it is then planted in a pot at least 2 inches below the soil. The soil should meet the soil requirement mentioned above for best results.

Types Of Calathea

Rattlesnake Plant (Calathea Lancifolia)

The significant features of Rattlesnake plant is its narrow and longer leaves. The shades of the leaves are a combination of light and dark green leaves. Although the light green color is mostly on the background of the leaves while the dark green shade is made up mostly of the markings on the leaves.

types of calathea

Pinstripe Calathea (Calathea Ornata)

Also known as Pinstripe plants. The features of this type of Calathea plant is that it is tall with green leaves that is darker in shade. The leaves measure about 12 inches long. The leaves of Calathea ornata has a pinkish to whitish stripe marking not to mention the long stem of the Plant where features a medium shade of color burgundy.

types of calathea

Round-Leaf Calathea (Calathea Orbifolia)

The leaves of these type of Calathea plant ranges from 8 inches to 12 inches wide with markings of light green and stripes of cream. It is recommended to place Round-leaf Calathea plant under partial shade as it is at its best when places in humid conditions and of course in soil that meets the soil requirements mentioned above.

Furry Feather (Calathea Rufibarba)

Also known for as Velvet Calathea. It has a green foliage on the top that is lance-shaped and purple-ish shade on the underside of the leaves of Furry Feather Calathea. Other than that, it also features a long and deep shade of burgundy on its stem.

The shade requirement is best for in lower light conditions.

types of calathea

Corona (Calathea Roseopicta)

Also known as Corona Painted Calathea or Rose Painted Calathea. The plant features a shiny bright green foliage with markings of shades of cream. It is best suited and grows will in a well-draining soil, just like one ones mentioned beforehand. But you have to make sure that this type of Calathea plants is sensitive and should be protected from cold drafts.

Cold drafts is when the warm air rises then produces cool air to take the place of warm air. It’s as if the draft that was created is coming from the floor.

types of calathea

Peacock Calathea (Calathea Makoyana)

That is why it is named as Peacock Calathea since the deep green or purple with lime green markings and patterns somehow resembles just like of a Peacock Feather.

A beautiful plant that requires to be in direct sunlight and in a setting with very high humidity.

types of calathea

Calathea Medallion (Calathea Veitchiana)

A very distinctive feature of Calathea Medallion is on its leaves. As you can see, the leaves are large and oval shaped. It also has shades of medium olive green usually located on the top side of the leaves and deep purple under. The feather shaped marking in the middle is enclosed with darker shade of green and are outlined with shades of cream.

types of calathea

Jungle Velvet (Calathea Warscewiczii)

Jungle velvet Calathea plant has a lanced-shaped , deep green and velvety leaves with a lighter shade of green pattern on its leaves. It called by such name (Jungle Velvet) because the plant comes from the jungles of Costa Rice and Nicaragua.

This plant requires high level of humidity for it to strive and the use of plant humidifier is recommended.

types of calathea

Dottie (Calathea roseopicta ‘Dottie’)

The color of the leaves of Dottie deep green that almost look like the color black. The features of the leaves is that aside from the deep green foliage, the leaves are also outlines with a bright shade of Fuchsia pink on the sides and the middle of each leaf.

The plant requires bright indirect light to thrive with high humidity setting. However it is recommended to regularly mist the plant to maintain its humidity.

Calathea Concinna (Calathea Leopardina)

Another type of Calathea plants is Calathea Concinna or also known as Calathea Leopardina. It is also popularly called as Zebra plant, as the markings on the leaves resembles that of the animal print zebra.

The leaves is long with a lance shaped with a combination of shades of light green and dark green foliage found as a central line.

A beautiful plant that usually attracts bees, birds and butterflies especially when the white flower starts to bloom in about a year.

An ideal plant to use as a groundcover but can also be used indoors. When it comes to water requirements of this type of Calathea, is to now allow the tip to soil to dry up before watering again. It is advisable for a steady watering in this variety of Calathea plants.

types of calathea

Sanderiana (Calathea Ornata ‘Sanderiana’)

Sanderiana Calathea leaves is a deep green glossy with creamy rose pinstripes. The bottom side of the leaves have a shade of dark purple.

This plant thrives when in exposed to indirect sunlight to make it more attractive and beautiful.

types of calathea

Calathea Freddie

This beautiful Calathea plan called Calathea Freddie has a bright green and long narrow leaves. The leaves are also have a dark green feathering veins.

Calathea Freddie best thrives to be in bright indirect light to maintain its humidity.

types of calathea

Calathea Beauty Star

Calathea beauty star features a bright green feathering starting from then center of the leaves and then towards the dark green edges.

It is best kept in areas with high humidity level making sure the plant is exposed to bright indirect sunlight.

types of calathea

Eternal Flame (Calathea Crocata)

Calathea Crocata is also known as Eternal flame. It is a Brazilian plant that has dark green, lance shaped ruffled leaves that lasts long. A very beautiful plant with yellow orange flowers.

Eternal Flame thrives in places with high humidity and exposed to bright indirect sunlight. The plant is extremely pretty especially when exposed to morning sunlight.

types of calathea

Never Never Plant (Calathea Lubbersiana)

Calathea Lubbersiana or Calathea Lubbersii is a type of Calathea plant commonly known as Never plant. The plant comes from Brazil. The variegated leaves of the plant have beautiful shades that ranges from deep green to very bright yellow.

Never Never plant thrives when exposed to just enough degree of indirect sunlight.

types of calathea

Calathea Oppenheimiana 

Another variety of Calathea plant that originates from Brazil. If features a long, leathery leaves of deep dark, luminous green, striped with patches of white and pink at the top portion. Underneath the leaves have a shade of deep wine. When the leaves are still young, the colors of the undersides tends to give a red glow. A perfect plant that can be placed on the centerpiece.

Calathea Oppenheimiana (Ctenanthe Oppenheimiana) from Brazil oppenheimiana has long, leathery leaves of deep, luminous green, striped, and patched on top in white and pink. The undersides are a deep wine. On young leaves, the color shows through to give a red glow. A lovely plant for use as a table centerpiece.

Network (Calathea musaica ‘PP0005’)

Calathea musaica ‘PP0005’ is also known as Network, is another Calathea variety. It features a variegated small green leaves .

Network plant is grows best when exposed to bright indirect light. The East or west window is high recommended.

types of calathea

Fusion White (Calathea ‘Fusion White)

Calathea Fusion White is a popular Calathea plant as a houseplant. Not only it is stunning beautiful, it features a combination of white and green on its foliage with bright purple undersides.

If you love to exposed and show your plants, Fusion plant is the plant of choice.

Fusion White is thrives in an acceptable degree of humidity and should be exposed to bright indirect sunlight.

types of calathea

White Tiger (Calathea Albertii ‘White Tiger’)

Calathea Albertii is also known as White Tiger. The leaves features a charming white or creamy pattern that are shaped like waves on its dark green leaves.

types of calathea

Calathea Louisae

Calathea Louisae, another type of Calathea plant that originated from Brazil. It features a broad, dark green leaves with a light green or pale greenish-white feathering marking on the center vein of each of the leaves.

It grows to about 1 foot high and best thrives on areas with tropical setting.


There are still more different varieties of the Calathea Plant not mentioned in this guide but I do hope the different types of Calathea mentioned here that are known to be the most popular has helped to understand and know the different kinds of Calathea flower including its caring guide.

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