6 Different Types Of Boba That Are Popular in 2024

Boba Types

If you enjoy bubble tea, you probably already know that the most frequent ingredient is tapioca balls, sometimes referred to as boba pearls or tapioca pearls.

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One of the most consumed beverages worldwide is now boba tea, bubble tea, or milk tea. What, though, are boba pearls? If you are interested in this topic, scroll down and continue reading to find out what they are, where they originate from, and the many types that are available in the market today.

Boba Types

Bubble Tea

What Is A Bubble Tea?

Also known as bubble milk tea, tapioca milk tea, pearl milk tea, boba tea, or simply boba. This sweet tea-based beverage was first introduced in Taiwan in the early 1980s. It may be produced with different toppings as well, such as grass jelly, aloe vera, red beans, etc. Bubble tea is most frequently made with tea and chewy texture tapioca balls, also known as boba or boba pearls.

The beverage that sparked the boba craze was Classic Milk Tea, to which boba originally referred. Black tapioca balls, black tea with frothy milk, and ice make up a classic milk tea.

Today, milk tea lovers and bubble tea shops have created a large range of flavored boba teas. These beverages now offer fruit tea, brown sugar, and jasmine green tea flavors in addition to the original Classic Milk Tea varieties.

Many flavors of bubble teas taste delicious, but black milk tea and green milk tea are the two most popular boba tea flavors.

Boba Pearls

What Are Boba Pearls?

Also known as tapioca pearls, boba balls, or tapioca balls. There are lots of ways to produce these chewy balls found in bubble tea, they are the most typical ingredient. The additives that are combined with the tapioca affect the color of the pearls. The majority of pearls are black, which are made of brown sugar.

Boba balls are produced with tapioca, the cassava root’s starch. Its texture is comparable to that of a starchy potato, and its flavor is somewhat nutty with undertones of sweetness.

Cassava root is used to create tapioca starch, which is then compacted into balls to create tapioca pearls. Traditional boba may be created in a broad variety of vibrant hues due to their transparent color. Black Boba, the tapioca pearls with a dark hue that are frequently used in the Taiwanese beverage.

The process of gelatinization is performed by combining hot water with tapioca. At this stage, flavoring is occasionally applied to create several varieties of boba balls.

Boba History

History Of Boba

Since the Dutch colonized the island between 1624 and 1662, tea in Taiwan has been consumed with milk and sugar.

There are two different explanations on who first discovered bubble tea.

First was Taichung’s Chun Shui Tang tea room. Liu Han-Chieh, the company’s founder, started selling Chinese tea cold after seeing that coffee was also served cold while visiting Japan in the 1980s. His business grew as a result of the novel way of serving tea, and other chains that serve this tea were founded. The first bubble tea, according to Lin Hsiu Hui, the company’s product development manager, was made in 1988 when she added tapioca balls to her tea at a staff meeting and urged others to sip it. Everyone who attended the meeting like the beverage, therefore it was added to the menu. In the end, it turned into the franchise’s best-selling item.

The Hanlin Tea Room in Tainan makes another claim to have created bubble tea. According to the story, tea shop owner Tu Tsong-he was inspired to create bubble tea in 1986 by some white tapioca balls he observed in the Ah-bó-liâu neighborhood market. He later used these traditional Taiwanese treats to make tea. As a result, “pearl tea” was produced.

Types Of Boba

What Are The Types Of Boba?

1. Clear Tapioca Pearls

Straight starch from the cassava root is what makes clear tapioca pearl. Since clear boba doesn’t have much flavor on its own, it is typically utilized in milk-based bubble teas. There is no additional flavor or coloring added, instead, the gelatinization process causes the tapioca starch to turn clear. The milk and tea taste may be absorbed by the tapioca pearls, allowing them to take on the flavor of your tea. So, if you order a chai bubble tea, the chai flavor will also be present in the black or clear boba pearls.

Generally speaking, the only ingredients in clear boba pearls are water and tapioca starch, therefore they don’t have any flavor.

For a sweeter taste, white sugar syrup may occasionally be added during cooking. Alternatively, transparent tapioca pearls are kept in sweet syrup or honey so they can soak up the sweetness of the liquid.

2. Black Boba Balls

Black boba pearls are the dark-colored tapioca pearls that are regularly used in bubble tea shops. They are created by adding caramel coloring or brown sugar to give them their dark hue. They are produced in the same way as clear bobas.

As flavoring is applied while the tapioca pearls are being made, black boba balls are a particular type of flavored tapioca pearl.

Your sweet craving will definitely be satisfied by the richness and molasses-like flavor of black tapioca balls when these are served with black milk tea.

3. Flavored Boba Or Flavored Tapioca Boba

Flavored boba are tapioca pearls that are traditionally cooked and coated with a flavored syrup. From sweet tastes like mango and strawberry to exotic ones like coconut and aloe, the flavors might vary. Be reminded that some boba tea shops refer to flavored tapioca pearls as jelly pearls. Smoothies and traditional brewed teas, such as black or green tea, both include these pearls. Another use for flavoring boba is as an ice cream or fro-yo topping.

Honey, green tea, mango, and strawberry are among the popular flavors. There are other flavors that taste great too. You’ll definitely have a favorite boba drink.

4. Popping Boba

Popping boba and regular boba balls are not the same. Popping boba is well-liked for its blast of actual fruit juice when chewed, elevating the concept of flavored boba. This variety of boba is not tapioca-based. It is produced when calcium undergoes a chemical and physical interaction. Most often, smoothies and shaken iced drinks contain popping boba.

Popular flavors of popping boba include those of mango, passion fruit, banana, and pineapple.

5. Crystal Boba

One of the newest fads in the bubble tea industry is crystal boba. The fact that crystal boba is produced from the Konjac plant is the key distinction between it and other variations of boba pearls. This tropical plant is indigenous to Southeast Asia.

Crystal boba is typically less chewy and transparent than traditional boba. The texture is somewhat like to that of a jelly or gelatin that is firm.

Since crystal boba may also be flavored, it can be as diverse as tapioca pearls. Citrus is a popular flavor.

6. Mini Boba

Mini Boba is a smaller variant of clear, flavored, or black boba. These small balls could be the best option for you if you think that regular-sized boba is too chewy or difficult to sip with a straw. Because it is smaller in size, mini boba cooks more quickly, and is simpler to chew. It makes an excellent treat in any flavor of bubble tea.

Check out the best boba pearls on the market right now if you want to make your own milk tea.

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Excellent for homemade boba tea. These popping pearls provide bubble tea and Thai tea taste and a wonderful texture, enabling you to make excellent at-home refreshments that are just as good as the original Taiwanese delicacy. Prepare yourself for a flavorful trip by adding these popping boba pearls to your beverage.

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The popping Balls with strawberry flavor will give you the best Boba popping sensation. The transparent popping Boba pearls have a delicious fruity nectar within that explodes in the mouth and elevates munching to a whole new level of pleasure.

These tasty treats have a shelf life of up to one year, so they will last you a long time. When not in use, keep in a cold, cool dry place; once used, put in the fridge.

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Premium Black Boba Tapioca Pearls

Just cook these boba pearls in 40–45 minutes.

There are cooking instructions on the packaging.

Serving Size is 1/4 cup, approximately 34 servings.

Tapioca Starch, Water, and Caramel Maple Syrup Flavor are the ingredients in making these boba pearls.

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You can make your own bubble tea by adding to milk tea.

Cook in just five minutes.

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