Can You Drink Boba With Braces

Can You Drink Boba With Braces

Everybody loves Boba tea or Bubble tea but if you might be wondering if you can still drink Boba or Bubble milk tea if you are using braces. Yes, you can still drink Boba with Braces but there are a few important key points that you need to keep in mind before you drink Boba when you are on your braces. In today’s post, let us go through some of the few things that should address the question if can you drink Boba with braces.

Can You Drink Boba With Braces

Braces are dental tools that is used to correct problems relating to your teeth, problems such as crooked teeth, crowding teeth and most of the time used to align the teeth. Teenagers are the ones that usually gets braces, rarely do adults. That is why the generation that loves Bubble tea is the generation that has braces on them.

Braces have brackets and wire. Therefore, when consuming Boba it could get lodged on the brackets and wires but not to worry though as brushing and flossing can help remove the lodged Boba. Brushing after consuming Boba should not only be for those with braces but is recommended for everyone to avoid cavities since Boba have high sugar content.

Since Boba are very soft, it is safe to drink Boba with braces.

Chewing and Eat Boba with braces

It is perfectly safe to chew Boba pearls with your braces on, in fact, it is recommended to chew them instead of swallowing whole. Even if Boba are soft, it can still cause a person to get choked when swallowing it whole. Other than that, there are some bob such as the Popping Boba that bursts when chewed or bitten that releases delicious fruit-juice flavored.

Since Tapioca beads or also called Tapioca pearls or Boba Tea, is the main ingredient in making Bubble Tea. The soft Boba will normally expand its size and because of its tapioca ingredient it does not easily dissolve therefore one should not swallowed it directly as a whole ball or pearl but rather chew on them first to prevent choking. Normally, Boba Tea are sugar free, and chewing it also helps protect teeth from cavities by stimulating saliva production.

A typical Boba size is about 2.2mm, this could posed a risk especially to children when swallowing it whole. The size of the Boba can block the upper airway and could lead to suffocation and even death. Taking extra careful when consuming Boba pearls.

To consume Boba pearls on Bubble milk tea, you will be needing a straw, a Boba straw to be exact. Not your typically drinking straw because Boba straws are specifically designed for Boba pearls as it is wider that could fit the pearls and it would be easier for your to slurp Tapioca pearls.

When on Braces, you cannot just chew anything you like. There are other foods and dishes that you must avoid with braces such as breads that are hard, meat that are tough and raw vegetables. Chewing hard foods could damage the brackets and wires of your braces and avoid them as much as possible while you’re teeth are still on treatment (with braces).

Tea, coffee and other hot beverages is perfectly safe to consume while on braces too.

Drink Boba Milk Tea with Braces

If you are on your braces, it is still safe and you can still enjoy drinking your favorite Boba milk tea however since braces have brackets and wires, be careful because Boba particles could get remain in it therefore it is recommended to brush and floss the teeth after drinking and chewing Tapioca Pearls.

To maintain your braces, even if you think there are no particles left behind, one should brush the teeth after drinking Boba because of high cavity risk due to high sugar content.

Follow these simple steps on how to clean braces after having your favorite Bubble Milk tea drink:

  1. Gargle mouth using warm water
  2. Gently Brush the teeth and braces with a soft bristled toothbrush.
  3. For hard to reach areas on your mouth, flossing using a floss threader in between the teeth and especially the area near the braces.
  4. Gargle and rinse mouth to remove Boba particles that was removed during the brushing and flossing process.
  5. Finally, gargle with a mild mouthwash.

When on braces, accumulation of plaque is slightly increased as compared to not having braces. These plaque can cause damage to the tooth enamel and as well it can discolor the teeth. To prevent plaque accumulation while on braces, especially when you are fond of drinking Bubble tea with Boba pearls, read on the tips below.

  • Use a gentle, soft bristled toothbrush- it is advisable to clean and brush the teeth regularly using soft bristles toothbrush.
  • Brush teeth after every Bubble Tea drink- As mentioned, the brackets and the wires on your teeth often catch Boba particles, therefore it can greatly help to brush after every Bubble tea drink.
  • Avoid too much use of Toothpaste- It would be hard to notice the dirt and the Boba particles if too much toothpaste is used.
  • Use Floss threader: when on braces, flossing can be a challenging experience when it comes to oral hygiene but with a floss threader it could ease up the flossing and it would be simpler to thread on the braces wires and brackets carefully removing the lodge Boba particles.
  • Brush for a whole 2-minute: a general rule when it comes to brushing is using the 2-minute brushing. This means each section of the mouth is thoroughly cleanse (inside and outside section of the mouth)
  • Use Mouthwash: To prevent tooth decay and preserve tooth enamel, a mouth that contains fluoride is recommended.


It is perfectly safe to drink Bubble tea and eat Boba pearls with braces but make sure to clean and brush your teeth and follow the tips and recommendations listed above.

Now you know that you can still eat freely Boba with braces, feel free to enjoy you delicious Bubble tea.

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