Does Sonic Still Have Bursting Bubbles Boba?

Does sonic have boba

Sonic is an American drive-in fast food restaurant chain owned by Inspire Brands, the parent company of Arby’s and Buffalo Wild Wings. It is founded as Sonic Drive-In and more commonly known as Sonic, or “The Drive-In,” by Sonic Corporation. 

This fast-food chain is known for  its menu items such as “extra-long cheese coneys” and “toaster sandwiches” as well as freshly made meals and carhop service. They have now established 3,551 Sonic restaurants located in 46 states in the U.S. 

What Is Boba?

Also called Bubble tea, boba is a milk tea drink that originates in Taipei, Taiwan. It also goes by other names such as pearl milk tea or tapioca milk tea. The addition of  tapioca balls in the milk tea drink calls for a more exciting adventure. 

Although the traditional boba has tapioca pearls, it can be made with other toppings as part of the tea drink. When it started, there were two popular flavors that stand out, and those are the black pearl milk tea and the green pearl milk tea.

When it first came out in Taiwan, traditional boba was made with Taiwanese black tea, tapioca pearls, condensed milk, and it was topped off with syrup to add sweetness. Right now, there are variations made as more shops and restaurants are offering their own version. 

Does Sonic Offer Bursting Bubbles?

Though Sonic is known for their burgers and sandwiches, they have hopped into the boba trend, along with Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks. Their offerings though have some twists and let’s find out if sonic still has the bursting bubbles. 

Since its first offerings, Sonic has expanded their menu and they are now offering new Bursting Bubbles. But this is only a limited time offer during the summer season. Bursting bubbles are featured in several beverages, including the Blue Burst Slush, the Cherry Burst Slush, Blue Burst, and Cherry Burst.

If you want to add Sonic bursting bubbles to any Sonic drink or Slush, you can do so until supplies last the whole summer. Though Sonic did not actually mention the flavor of their Bursting Bubbles, it has a green color and is described as “sweet.” 

Since popping boba became popular and has been a huge hit in the bubble tea market, Sonic’s take on this trend is the bursting bubbles. It is liquid-filled edible spheres with a thin, gel-like skin. 

Popping boba comes in several flavors and colors. It is a more convenient option compared to the usual tapioca balls most commonly associated with boba tea as the bursting bubbles are easier for fast food restaurants to add to the menu. 

Also, the usual tapioca pearls need to be  kept hot to keep their chewy texture, whereas popping boba can be placed in some ice water for holding without affecting the texture.

What Sweet Bursting Bubbles Does Sonic Offer?

Sonic claims that their sweet bursting bubbles are actually slushes that come populated with bubbles that act like tiny flavor blasts, which is far from the usual boba tea drinks. These orbs of sweet, flavored syrup encased in a thin candy exterior that yield and pop with light pressure creates an exciting burst of flavor with every sip. 

If you want sweet bursting bubbles mixed with an icy slush with blue raspberry flavored soda, go with Blue Burst Slush. It is a mixture of blue raspberry flavor together with ice, Bursting Bubbles, and Sprite.

Looking for an ice slush with cherry flavored soda mixed with Bursting Bubbles? Check out their Cherry Burst Slush mixed with ice, cherry flavor, Bursting Bubbles, and Sprite. It is topped with a maraschino cherry.

The Sonic’s drink or slush delivers a joyful blast of flavor with each sip. Whether you choose the blue raspberry flavored slush or cherry flavored slush, you are sure they captured iconic sonic flavors. 

Go to summer destination and try these sweet bursts. They will surely treat your cravings on hot summer days with an icy burst. 

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