7 Different Types Of Asian Peppers With Images

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There are several varieties of Asian peppers, and most of these peppers are totally hot. These peppers, like cayenne peppers and chili peppers, are usually dried and grate into powder. But some are also used as fresh peppers, mostly in Indian and Thai cuisine. 

Technically, these spices are used in different cuisines to add heat to recipes. 

In this post, we will introduce you to some of the commonly used Asian peppers. 

Asian Peppers

Listed below are the commonly used hot peppers in Asia.

Ghost Pepper


Ghost peppers were the hottest chili peppers in the world way back 2007, but superseded by the Trinidad Scorpion Butch T pepper (2011), the Carolina Reaper (2013), Pepper X (the newest hottest pepper) and Capsicum chinense which is native to America. Its Scoville Heat Units measure at 1,000,000+.

This interspecific hybrid hot chili pepper, also known as bhut jolokia, is cultivated in Northeast India.

Ghost peppers are often used in curries, chutneys, pickling brine, and also in candies. And because of its extreme heat, it is primarily used in drunken dares and eating contests on different occasions.

Kashmiri Chili


Kashmiri chili, also known as Kashmiri lal mirch, can potentially give dark red color to food. Hence, these peppers are usually used to add color and flavor to food without making it spicy or too pungent. It can be used as marinades beside chopped tomatoes and onions.

It is also one of the spices used in different dishes like curries, sauces, soups, stews, and vegetables. The dried variety of Kashmiri chili is also a good substitute for paprika powder.

Kashmiri chili is native to India. 

These chile peppers have mild spiciness in which its Scoville Heat Units only measure from 1000 – 2000.

Kashmiri chilies are primarily used in Indian cuisine and sold as dried. 

Aleppo Pepper


Aleppo pepper, from the Capscum annuum species, is used as a spice in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. Also known as Halaby pepper, this medium hot pepper is a flavor enhancer. 

It is native to Aleppo, Syria, and has a Scoville scale Units of 10, 000.

Aleppo peppers are commonly used to season grilled meats, dips, salads, beans, and kebabs.

Urfa Biber


Urfa biber is a type of Capsicum annum with a smoky and raisin-like flavor. This dried Turkish pepper originated from the Urfa region of Turkey, is technically a red pepper. Its hue turns to a dark maroon color when ripened. 

Urfa biber has a medium heat which measures around 7,500 SHU.

The urfa biber chili powder is used to add heat and deep chile flavor to vegetables, salad dressings, meat, and more.

Siling Mahaba


Siling haba, also known as Espada, is a type of chili pepper found in the Philippines and often used in most Filipino cuisine. It has a bright green color with moderate spiciness. 

This type of hot pepper is traditionally used to spice up Filipino dishes like dinuguan, pinangat, kilawin, dinuguan, sisig, paksiw, and sinigang.

Its Scoville scale measures 50,000 SHU.

Tien Tsin Chili Pepper


Tien tsin chile peppers, also known as Chinese red peppers, Chinese hot peppers, are native to China, but are also grown in the US. Its flavor is a little musty and pungent with a note of spicy aroma. 

Its name is derived from the province it originated and harvested. The bright red shiny hot peppers are very hot. Thus, it is among the spiciest chili peppers in the world. Its Scoville scale ranges  from 50,000 to 75,000 SHU. Like cayenne peppers, Tie Tsin peppers are ideally ground into powder or crushed into flakes, and used as a spice.

Tien Tsin hot peppers are mostly used in Thai, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Chinese, and other Asian cuisines

Banna Peppers/Prik Yuak


Prik Yuak, also known as Banana pepper, is cultivated in Thailand but a native to South America. This type of chili pepper is commonly used in salads and stir fries. It is also perfect for stuffing. It has a mild, sweet, and tangy flavor.

Its heat depends on its maturity, which may range from 0-500 Scoville units. Prik Yuak becomes sweeter when ripened. 

How To Identify The Heat Level Of A Pepper

Identifying a pepper is pretty much easy  when you are familiar with the seeds. Peppers with seeds that are light pale in color are most likely sweet and less spicy peppers. Meanwhile, pepper with darker seeds tend to be hotter.

But this technique is not applicable to powdered or crushed peppers. For store-bought peppers, simply check its level.

And that covers everything about hot peppers in Asia. I hope that this post has helped you one way or another. If you think this information is relevant, please help us spread the news by sharing this post. Thank you for reading!

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