Mocha vs Latte: What is the Difference?

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There are different varieties of coffee nowadays to choose from. We now have espresso, macchiato, cappuccino, americano, mocha, latte and so much more. Coffee lovers are well aware of the differences of each coffee however newbies will find it hard and confusing to choose which type of coffee drink to order in the coffee shop especially when it comes to latte and mocha. That is why in this post, let us talk about the difference between Mocha and Latte and additional information of each coffee.

difference between mocha and latte

Difference between Mocha and Latte

Although Mocha and Latte are two different types of coffee, they both have the same ingredient which is of course-Coffee.

The main difference between a café latte and café mocha is that mocha includes chocolate while on the other hand, latte does not contain chocolate. Also, Latte is made using espresso, steamed milk and milk foam while mocha is made using also espresso, chocolate but only a few amount of steamed milk is being used. Thereby, latte have more steamed milk added to it than mocha has.

Espresso Plus Milk

Coffee is now considered an integral part in our daily routine, almost everyone like to start the day with a cup coffee. Nowadays, every coffee drink served in coffee shops always combine the two main ingredient such as milk and espresso.

Most of the time, espresso machines is used to make espresso based drinks however these machines are costly and sometime out of one’s budget. But there is still another way to make your favorite Mocha Latte drinks the comfort of home described below. Read on below to know more.

What is Latte

Latte or also known as caffè latte is made with about 1/6 of espresso and 4/6 steamed milk and 1/6 foam on top of it. Latte originates from Italy, since Europe is known for coffee and the mixing of both coffee and milk.

How Latte is made

Caffe Latte includes the following ingredients below poured in a standard cup of 8 oz:

Cafe Latte ingredients:
  • espresso 2 oz. (Two (double) shot)
  • Steamed milk 6 oz.
  •  Quick little pour of foamed milk on top

If desired, you also have the option to add syrup for added flavor and taste. Most of the time, Local Baristas in the coffee shops typically served a cup of coffee with an added latte art on the milk foam to make the coffee look neat, smooth making sure to put extra effort into the coffee drink.

difference between mocha and latte

What is Mocha

Mocha or also known as Caffe Mocha, Mochaccino or Mochaccino (coffee names are interchangeable). The name Mocha comes after the type of coffee beans that is used to make the coffee brew.

Mocha Coffee beans are harvested from the Arabica plant, considered to be the first coffee bean to cultured and perhaps the most popular amongst the coffee beans that has a sweet flavor. Next is the Robusta beans that has a stronger yet bitter taste and flavor than arabica beans.

Although Mocha beans has a natural chocolate flavor, in order to strengthen the chocolate flavor you may need to add a little amount of chocolate.

In contrast to café latte which is considered to be mild, Café mocha is a lot stronger.

How Café Mocha is made

Café Mocha is somewhat similar to Café latte but with an add on chocolate, below is the mocha coffee recipe.

Cafe Mocha ingredients:
  • Espresso 2 oz. (two shots of espresso)
  • Hot Chocolate 2 oz. (You can use cocoa powder or chocolate syrup)
  • Steamed milk 1 oz.
  • Milk Foam

Some Baristas opt to add whipped cream on top of the mocha, although some may opt not to put anything on top and just plain Café mocha to serve. Designs on top are actually just made to make the coffee looks neat and nice to look at.

difference between mocha and latte

Mocha vs Latte: Which is stronger?

As mentioned beforehand, Mocha is considered to be stronger than Latte. Although if you noticed, both have the same amount of espresso added, the amount of steamed milk added to the coffee differs. Where 6 oz of steamed milk for Latte, and just an ounce of steamed milk for Mocha.

Also, Cafe Mocha is more concentrated as compared to Latte which has a more diluted version. However, since Mocha has chocolate in it and you prefer a more sweeter coffee you can choose Mocha instead of latte. On the other hand, if you like a more creamy coffee you can choose latte instead.

Mocha vs Latte: Which is sweeter?

Obviously, Mocha is more sweeter simply because chocolate is added to it. But as mentioned, Latte is more creamier and smoother, Mocha is still sweeter because of again the chocolate.

Although the kind of chocolate being used to add to Cafe Mocha whether it is milk chocolate, chocolate syrup,cocoa or dark chocolate does not really matter. Its the same chocolate that makes more sweeter than Latte.

difference between mocha and latte

Difference between Foamed milk and steamed milk

As mentioned, both Latte and Mocha coffee needs milk foam or steamed milk.

In making steamed or milk foam, you will be needing a steam wand. It is usually found o the espresso machine, although milk frothing device are also available in the market nowadays. Basically, the device used to make steamed or milk foam simply blows steam through the milk to heat it and then eventually creates air bubbles to the milk.

Although both create the same output, steamed and foamed milk differs on the amount of air bubbles produced. In other words, the frothed milk is milk foam where the milk volume is increased by double because of the air bubbles added to the foam while on the other hand Steamed milk is not that foamy but with an increased volume of the coffee of about 1/3.

Steamed milk is made by putting the steam wand from the espresso machine or frothing device at about 1 inch to the cold milk. You may position the steam wand to at a slight angle for steam creates a swirly effect. Continue to steam until milk reaches a temperature of about 145 Fahrenheit and 155 Fahrenheit.

On the other hand, the steps in making Frothed milk is more or less similar in making steamed milk. Put the steam wand into the milk. It will then create a swirly effect. When the milk start to foam, you can advanced the steam wand deeper to the milk (until you reach the bottom of the cup). In here, milk volume expands as more froth forms

difference between mocha and latte


Both Mocha and Latte are somehow similar since Mocha coffee is based basically on Latte. If you want to remember the difference between mocha and latter, always remember that Latte is more on steamed milk while on the other hand Mocha is made with chocolate.

Both Mocha and Latte are considered to be espresso base drinks since both have espresso shots. But if you want to go for a not on full-strength coffee, Latte drink if the right drink for you. While Mocha are for those coffee enthusiasts who wants coffee that has a more chocolatey flavor.

Which coffee is your favorite, Mocha or Latte? Let us know what you think.

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