How To Fix Mr. Coffee Maker Not Working

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There have been reports from Mr. Coffee maker users wherein the coffee maker is not working. It can be a very frustrating experience especially for coffee lovers who just want to have a good cup of coffee early in the morning. In this troubleshooting guide, let us talk about you can fix Mr. Coffee maker not working and other common problems.

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Fix Mr. Coffee Maker Not Working

Mr. Coffee maker is a trusted and reliable brand when it comes to high quality and ease of use type of coffee makers in the market today. But just like with any other appliances, certain issues can occur which we will be addressing today.

If you are experiencing a faulty coffee maker, the very first thing that you need to do is to clean the coffee maker especially if it will not start. There are several reasons why Mr. Coffee maker is not working such as a power surge or perhaps the breaker tripped, the carafe lid is not placed correctly in the middle, presence of too much mineral and oils that may have dislodged in the coffee maker. That is why cleaning the coffee maker after every use is recommended. Another possible reason is if coffee filters are not properly set.

Listed below are common problems of Mr. Coffee maker and troubleshooting solutions to fix it.

Problem 1: Mr. Coffee Maker not making coffee

When Mr. Coffee maker is not making coffee, there are a few checks that you need to do. The very first thing that you need to do is to check the water reservoir. If there is no water in the reservoir then simply add water to the coffee machine. But if there is already water in the coffee machine but it is still not making coffee, next step is to check coffee filter if it needs to be replaced. Another thing to check is the ground coffee that you are using is not hard or no longer fresh to use as this can also cause the coffee maker to not make coffee.

Lastly, check the settings of the coffee machine. Perhaps the settings is not set to brew that is why Mr. Coffee maker is not making coffee that way it should be.

Problem 2: Mr. Coffee Maker is clogged

If Mr. Coffee maker is clogged up, it usually will not work. Most of the time the removable portafilter is what’s causing the machine to clogged up due to the buildup of coffee grounds especially when you are brewing coffee on a daily basis.

There are two varieties of a Coffee Maker: one that drip hot water to the coffee grounds and one that recycles the water. Each variety should be thoroughly cleaned so as clogging is prevented. To remove clogs, you can use a small needle or any pointed objects to carefully remove clogged coffee grounds.

Most of the time, coffee grounds and dried milk are the most common cause of clogging on your coffee makers. If you happen to notice that the coffee maker is clogged up, unplug the machine immediately and clean your coffee maker.

To fixed a clogged coffee machine, simply clean the machine. Though it might sound difficult but it actually is not. A natural solution is to clean the machine with vinegar. It vinegar solutions helps remove calcium deposits, coffee grounds residue and dried milk.

Another way to clean a clogged coffee maker is to open the base of the machine but removing the screws and carefully clean the inside of the machine with a dry cloth. Make sure to check the machine’s manual before disassembling the machine.

Problem 3: Mr. Coffee Maker not dispensing water

Another problem that coffee lovers might encounter with Mr. Coffee Maker machine is the machine is not dispensing water or stops pumping water from the water reservoir. A good solution to that problem is to descale the machine.

Descaling is the process of removing rust, mud and metal oxides from your coffee maker machine. It removes thick layers of minerals that may accumulated through the coffee makers pipe preventing the machine from dispensing or pumping water. Descaling is recommended to be performed on your coffee machine at least every 3 to 6 months for clean tasting coffee.

To clean a coffee maker that is not dispensing water, simply fill the water reservoir halfway using cold water. Run or press a regular cycle until the water reservoir runs out of water. Or you can fill the pot halfway with 5 cups of vinegar. When vinegar solution is already in the water reservoir, press the start button allowing the machine to run for about 2-3 minutes.

Problem 4: Mr. Coffee Maker is overflowing

When you are experiencing coffee overflowing, there are a few checks that you need to do to find the cause so that solutions can be made.

First, check if the coffee filter is correctly set on top of the coffee maker machine. There should be no protrusions ensuring that coffee lids can be properly closed.

Overflowing can also be caused by too much coffee grounds placed in the basket. If that is the case, make sure to lessen the amount of ground coffee you place inside the brew basket preventing the machine from overflowing through the basket thereby water will not overflow.

Next, check if the coffee pot or carafe is properly aligned to its warming plate. Ideally, the carafe or coffee pot should sit at the center of the plate. It properly placed, the coffee maker dispenses brewed coffee correctly and will not overflow.

Lastly, check if the coffee spout is not damaged or clogged up. A clogged coffee spout can cause your coffee maker to overflow.

Problem 5: Mr. Coffee Maker bottom is leaking

If the bottom of your coffee maker is leaking, there are few reasons why this problem is happening.

First possible reason is when the water reservoir if overflowed with water. When there is excess water to the water reservoir, water will obviously flow. Therefore make sure to only fill water reservoir with enough water and make sure to not to exceed the Max Fill line.

Another possible reason is when the water hose is damaged. To fix this, you may need to replace the damaged water hose.

Next is to check the rubber hose for cracks and replace it if there is presence of cracks.

Then, if there are mineral deposits present it can cause water not only to overflow but leaks at the bottom of the coffee maker.

Problem 6: Mr. Coffee Maker buttons not working

Another possible reason why Mr. Coffee maker is not working is if its buttons are not working. If the coffee maker buttons are not working, one good reason is when the buttons might be broken. A broken buttons needs to be replaced. Replacing the buttons can be found in coffee troubleshooting manual.

Another possible reason is when the buttons are sticky and cleaning the dirty buttons helps fix it.

How to clean Mr. Coffee Maker correctly

Mr. Coffee maker is a well trusted and reliable brand available in the market today and a dirty machine often leads to issues and problems. That is why to keep a sparkling clean coffee maker, it is recommended to clean the machine regularly to avoid problems.

Before you begin cleaning process of the machine, make sure that the filter is properly placed, lids of the coffee maker should also be checked for cracks.

There are some coffee makers with a built-in clean function and will automatically clean the machine when you press the cleaning button. However, if your coffee machine does not have a clean function, you can simply run the machine similar procedure as if you are brewing coffee.

It is of utmost importance to regularly clean your coffee maker because a clean coffee maker delivers great tasting coffee to get you through the day. Therefore, make sure to have a cleaning schedule of your machine. Not only will you be using a clean machine but also ensures that you are not drinking a brewed coffee that is contaminated.

One more thing, removable parts of the coffee machine should be cleaned after every use. Removable parts such as the coffee filter, and the carafe. Cleaning process simply involves washing it with soap and water. To prevent build up of mineral deposits, oils, stains and germs.

Here’s how to clean coffee machine with White vinegar:

As previously mentioned, vinegar solution helps in dissolving calcium deposits that the machine accumulated with continued use. Aside from that, using a vinegar helps in sanitizing the coffee machine.

  1. Clean filter and drain coffee carafe.

  2. Add white vinegar and water (vinegar solution) to the coffee maker.

    Follow the ratio of 1:2 which means one part vinegar and 2 parts water.

  3. If your coffee machine does not have a clean function button, simply press Brew now button.

    This step is similar to that of making a regular brew coffee.

  4. Allow vinegar solution to brew, just like the brewing process for about 30 minutes.

  5. Turn on coffee maker after soaking to complete its brewing cycle.

  6. After the brewing (cleaning cycle), pour vinegar solution from the coffee carafe.

    To remove the vinegar taste, simply fill the carafe with water and then turn coffee maker on and again run the brewing cycle.

  7. Remove the filter from the machine and then pour out water from the carafe. Do another brewing cycle, but this time with a clean water. This will ensure there are no vinegar taste or smell to the machine.

  8. After the brewing cycle, clean the coffee pot and coffee maker using a clean cloth.

If there is still that vinegar taste or vinegar smell to the machine, you can add lemon juice and water to the brew basket and run another brewing cycle and then run again another brewing cycle using plain water.

Aside from vinegar, you can also use baking soda to clean your machine. The ratio of this solution should be 1:4, this means one portion of baking soda to four portions of water (warm water). Before using this solution, make sure filter is removed.

To clean coffee making using the baking soda solution, simply fill the coffee maker with the solution making sure not to clog or overflow the machine. After brewing cycle using the baking sods, perform two brewing cycle using only water.


Why is Mr. Coffee maker not brewing and is making a beeping sound?

When coffee maker is not brewing but makes a beeping sound, it could only meant that either the water reservoir is empty and you simply need to refill it, or ground coffee needs to be emptied or if the warming plate is still too hot.

How many years does a Mr. coffee coffee maker last?

Coffee maker longevity is usually between 5-10 years if properly taken cared of such as cleaning the machine on a fixed schedule. For machines that are not used on a daily basis, but still kept clean it could last for 10 years.

Do I need to use coffee filter for Mr. Coffee maker?

Yes, you need to use coffee filter for your Mr. Coffee Maker. The filter helps prevent coffee grounds (especially if you are using fine coffee grounds) from being dispensed to your brewed coffee. It also helps in absorbing coffee oils.

Can I set delay brew function on Mr. Coffee Maker?

Before setting delay brew function on your coffee machine, make sure the clock is set. Once clock is set, simply press the set delay button on the machine and set the time to your preferred brewing time (using hour and minute buttons).

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