12 Different Types Of Beef Roasts With Images

Types Of Beef Roasts

Beef does not tastes so good but it also has a lot of health benefits we can get by eating Beef. It is perhaps one of the most popular meal for any special occasions. The rich and savory taste that you can get in eating beef, and one of the most popular way make it taste and even look better on every table is by means of roasting the beef. Most of us thinks that roasting isn’t just roasting the beef. There are many ways to just roasting the beef. So today, in this guide we will be talking about the different types of beef roasts and some of the best beefs cuts that you can choose for your beef roast. Read on below to know more.

Types Of Beef Roasts

Beef cuts are categorized into three: Primal, Subprimal, and retail. Butchers at the butcher shop usually cut primal parts into smaller sections which is known as the other category which is subprimal. The process continues and then placed in the meat counter for retail.

Different Primal Cuts of Beef

Before we proceed with the different types of Beef roast, let us first talk about the different varieties of beef cut that we should all know about:

  • Chuck (Neck and Shoulder)
  • Rib (rib area)
  • Brisket (Chest)
  • Loin (Sirloin, Top Sirloin and bottom sirloin)
  • Flank (Abdomen)
  • Round (Back end)
  • Shank (Thigh)
  • Plate (Belly)

Beef Brisket

Brisket is a type of meat cut taken from the lower chest or the breast of the beef. Beef brisket is one of the different cuts of beef. It is located at the best portion of the cow, just below the neck and its shoulder. It is rich in fat and tough or heavy since it is located on the shoulder part, the part where it get from walking as a form of exercise.

If you love to barbecue, you’ll love this one as the best way to cook Beef Brisket pot roast is low and slow cooking and roasting. Also, Brisket is the cut used to make the famous corned beef, though roasting brisket is perhaps the most common and popular way of cooking.

Tri-Tip Roast

Tri-Tip roast is a type of beef roasts that is cut triangular at the muscle from the cow located just below the bottom sirloin. Tri-Tip Roast is also known in different names such as Santa Maria Steak, Newport steak, Triangle tip and for some it is known as Triangle Steak. It is called tri-tip because of how it is cut..

When Tri-Tip is cooked the correct way you’ll be getting a mild and juicy beef roast.

If you want Tri-tip to be tender roast, you need to marinate it first in the refrigerator overnight. Make sure it is uncovered.

Most of the time, grilled Tri-Tip is preferred but roasting Tri-Tip is also a great choice.

Chuck Roast

Chuck Roast is a cut from the neck and shoulder region of the cow. It is also known as shoulder steak, boneless chuck roast and chuck shoulder roast. Similar to brisket, Chuck roast tends be also juicer since this is the part where the muscles are more used up and have been doing a lot of exercise.

This cut is also used in making hamburgers however it is more commonly used for an excellent pot roast and stew.

Chuck Roast becomes more tender when roasted and braised. This part of the cut is considered to be protein rich.

Bottom Round Roast

For lean beef cuts, Bottom round cuts is the perfect cut of beef for you. It comes from the round primal or beef hip, it tends to be more muscular making it a great value for beef cuts. Considered to be one of the best cuts for beef. Since fat content is much lower with this cut therefore it is less tender. Because of that, bottom round roast is not an ideal cut for steaks but is a perfect cut for roasting.

Top Round Roast

Another type of beef roasts is the Top round roast. It is a cut taken from the upper thigh of the cow. It is the most tender and juicy roast you can find. Since the cut is the softest, you can make and cook different dishes out of it.

Types Of Beef Roasts

Scotch Tender

If you are looking for a more leaner cut than bottom round, Scotch Tender is the perfect beef cut for you. It comes from the animal’s shoulders, the region considered as the working muscle.

The name of this beef cut basically comes from the shape of the cut, a long and narrow cut with a pointed tip. It is also similar to beef tenderloin, another types of beef cut that is also cut from shoulders.

If you want to achieve as much beefy flavor and tenderness, you may need to roast in a low heat settings for a couple of hours. Scotch Tender gives a beefy flavor and it has absolutely no fat at all, all muscles.

This type of Beef roast is also known as Chuck Filet, Chuck Eye and Medallion pot Roast.

Coulotte Roast

For a large, boneless, lean cut with a thin layer of fat, Beef Coulotte is the beef cut for you. It comes from the sirloin tip roast cap of the cattle. The thin layer of fat that is attached to the Coulotte keeps the roast moist and flavorful.

For that mouth watering juicy and flavorful beef roast, you can roast it as a whole pairing it with a smoky rub leaving in slow cooking for a few hours.

Eye of Round Roast

Another types of beef roasts is the Eye of round roast. It comes from the front leg which is just behind the shank and the rump. It is the longer muscle which is found at the center. Since eye of round cut is from the “working” muscle, it does not contain any fat but with a rich beefy flavor.

Although eye round may appear tender, it is actually tough and lean roast. An eye round roast that is either cooked too fat using high level of heat will still remain tough. Therefore, to achieve a tender eye round roast, you may need to prepare the beef cut before roasting it. Preparing means eye round cut is seasoned with salt and pepper overnight.

Ribeye Roast (Rib Roast)

Ribeye cut (Rib roast) is a tender, very flavorful beefy flavor cut of beet. It comes from the rib area of the animal, the cut basically comes from the rib roast or also known as prime rib roast particularly at the center of the rib area.

Once you cut rib roast rom the center of the rib area, prime rib roast or rib roast is considered to be the most tenderest and flavorful and palatable beef roasts.

The most common type of rib roast ate the rolled rib roast and the standing rib roast.

New York Strip Roast

New York Strip Loin Roast is made using the short loin region of the animal. Since it is prepared whole, prepare to indulge in a king-sized roast beef. Using the underused muscle of the animal leads to a more tender, juicy and marbled roast beef.

You can either cut it into smaller cuts used for steaks or you can roast it.

Whole Beef Tenderloin

Whole Beef Tenderloin is the most popular deli roast beef for its tenderness. It is made from the ribcage of the animal, a not so overused muscle. With that, it produces a mild yet extremely tender and juicy flavor.

There are different ways to roast this beef cut, you can either roast a whole beef tenderloin or cut it into thinly slices steaks.

Considered to be one of the most expensive cut of the beef included in this cut are the chateaubriand tenderloin roast, T-bone, Filet mignon and the porterhouse.

Rump Roasts

A boneless cut of beet that is made from the hindquarter of the cattle, that covers the hip bone. Since the three out of five rump muscles that does not actually do a lot of work therefore the level of tenderness and its texture are mix.

If Rump cut is not properly cooked, the meat tends to be difficult and tough to chew. Therefore make sure that rump roasts is cooked using the correct temperature, well it depends on the amount of meat available for roasting and how well-made you’d like your meat to taste like.


What is the best cut of beef used for roast?

The premium cuts are considered to be the best cut of beef that can be used to roasting or slow cooking. Premium cuts such as the prime rib, tenderloin and the strip loin.

What is the most tender beef roasts?

The tenderloin is the most tender best roasts. And because it is the most tender, it is also considered to be the most expensive cut.


Beef Roasting is the most common and popular meal of choice for any special occasions. Although preparing it requires your time and effort, it is totally worth it as your guest will surely appreciate the effort you put in cooking beef roasts.

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