10 Different Types of Blackberries with Images

Types of Blackberries

Sweet, sour, or tangy? Black, red or white? You don’t need to choose between those options as blackberries could provide them all to you. Blackberries are produced by many species in the genus Rubus in the family Rosaceae. Some types of blackberries are cross-pollinated or hybrids with other species from different regions. 

Being part of the rose family, the blackberry shrub where blackberry fruits grow has thorns. Blackberry fruit is actually not a berry. The fruits are composed of individual tiny globes that make up the whole berry and they are called drupes or drupelets. 

Are Blackberries Good For You?

Blackberries are very rich in vitamins and antioxidants. They are a great source of vitamin C, high in fiber, packed with vitamin K, and contains high levels of manganese. Eating these delicious fruits also aids those people suffering from anxiety and it has a plant compound that helps in boosting mental health. 

The plants of blackberry are also used in different medicines for some illnesses such as diarrhea and dysentery. Eating blackberry fruits are also good for your oral health, so making it as a part of your daily snack will be great. 

If the right ripeness has been attained, blackberries are succulent, soft, and juicy with a sweet, slightly tart, earthy hint of flavors. Other blackberry cultivars may taste sweet and sour. 

What Are The 10 Types of Blackberries

Raspberries and blackberries may look the same, but their distinguishing feature is the stem or receptacle. The receptacle of the blackberry plants will stick or stay with the fruits if you will pick its fruits. Meanwhile, raspberries torus or receptacle will remain on the plant after picking its fruit and will leave a hollow or space at the center of the raspberries. 

If you want to know what types of blackberries and blackberry plants that you can spot in the wild, check out our list below for detailed information about each type. 

types of blackberries

1. Apache

While most blackberry cultivars have thorns on its plants, apache blackberries came from the thornless blackberry varieties. Similar to the Arapaho blackberry varieties, apache is from the family of erect blackberries. That means the plant shoots in an upright position. 

This thornless blackberry plant produces the largest fruits among the different blackberry cultivars. Since it produces the largest blackberry fruit, it also has larger seeds in it. The apache blackberry also produces heavy crops and is widely chosen for its great flavor, good yield and very large fruit.

types of blackberries

2. Triple Crown

The triple crown blackberry also came from the cultivars of thornless blackberry varieties. Released by the U.S Department of Agriculture and the Pacific West Agricultural Research Service, home gardeners would love to plant this type on fruiting cranes. It has a semi-erect and thornless blackberry plant that bears large and flavorful blackberry fruits. 

The large size berry is firm and glossy with a sweet flavor with no hint of the acidity that you might taste on other blackberry varieties. Since it is thornless, picking the delicious berry fruits on the plants should be a breeze.

types of blackberries

3. Trailing Blackberries

Rubus ursinus or trailing blackberries came from perennial blackberry varieties with low trailing shrub. From its name, trailing blackberries have a climbing stem that is armed with tiny, slender, and hooked spines. The shrub produces separate plants that contain the male and female flowers that are white or pink in color with elongated petals.

The berry or fruit of the trailing blackberry is tender, smaller and more delicate when compared to other berry types. The berry fruits that the plants produce tastes sweet with a hint of tart. 

types of blackberries

4. Chester

Chester plant produces the largest fruits on the thornless varieties of blackberries. Just imagine that a basket can be filled with 45 chester blackberries. Its shrub will sprout flowers which are light pink in color and decorative.

The berry that the chester plant produces has a sweet flavor with juicy texture. You can pick the clusters of black heart-shaped berries during the mid summer season. 

types of blackberries

5. Arapaho 

Arapaho belongs to the cultivars of erect blackberries that grow on the upright growth habit. Arapaho plant is also a thornless blackberry variety that has a hard texture. It produces large red and black berries. 

These blackberry species also ripens at an early stage. The fruit of Arapaho blackberries are firm, that is why they are ideal to be made into jams and syrups. They also taste sweet and contain small seeds. 

types of blackberries

6. Ark 45

Prime Ark 45 is a variety from the Primocane-Fruiting Blackberries which is a new blackberry cultivar from the University of Arkansas breeding program. It is a thorny blackberry type which belongs to the erect blackberry varieties. 

In some northern areas, ripening of these berries might be in early to mid-September season. Ark 45 produces large berries with sweet and classic blackberry taste. 

types of blackberries

7. Black Diamond

This blackberry is a hybrid result of the Kotata blackberry and a New Zealand thornless blackberry. This blackberry variety was introduced in the year 2005. 

Black diamond are harvested between July and August. The fruits that you will get from the plant are firm, medium to large in size with dark purple to black in color.

types of blackberries

8. Marion Berry

This blackberry cultivar is also developed by the United States Department of Agriculture ARS breeding program, together with Oregon State University. Marion berry has been created by cross-pollinating the Chehalem and Olallie varieties which make it a hybrid. 

Just like the common varieties of blackberries, marion berry also contains high levels of antioxidants, as well as other natural vitamins and minerals. Gallic acid and rutin is also present on this berry, which promotes healthy blood circulation on the body. 

types of blackberries

9. Columbia Star

Columbia star is part of the trailing and thornless varieties of blackberries. This berry is inspired by the importance of the Columbia River in geography. It also emphasizes the history of the Pacific Northwest. 

This berry plant grows well in a location with plenty of sunlight and well-drained soil. The plant is also hardy and can grow up to 5 feet tall. If you are looking for a savory food or sweet treat, this berry will not disappoint as its fruits provide a firm texture with sweet and savory taste. 

types of blackberries

10. Loch Ness

This type of blackberry is from the thornless bush varieties. It produces a fruit with a firm texture and sweet taste. It also thrives in areas with good sunlight and well-drained soil. This berry type can be planted in your garden, whether big or small. 

Loch ness flowers are not so large, but they will blossom into a white, big clusters of flowers. These berries also provide a delectable taste, both cooked or fresh. 

What are the Best Types of Blackberries 

As you can see, blackberries are also categorized based on their growth habits and fruit quality. You might find those thornless varieties, erect blackberries or semi-erect blackberries, trailing blackberry or those blackberry fruiting canes. Hybrid types are actually the popular types of blackberries, compared to those grown in the wild.

The best thing to consider if you are going to pick the type of berry suited for you is its availability in your area. Since most of them provide the same health benefits and flavor, you also have to consider their capability to thrive in your location.

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