5 Different Types of Grapefruit with Images

Types of Grapefruit

You might have tasted several grapefruits when you were a kid. It is said that grapefruits came from a crossbreed of sweet oranges and pomelos that’s accidentally created by a farmer in Barbados. Different varieties grapefruit also come in different flesh colors from pink, red to white.

Even though there are different types of grapefruit that you can find in the market, their taste and texture may not have a big difference. Some varieties of grapefruit are seedless while others have seeds which is great as you can make some fresh grapefruit juice with it. 

What Are The Five Different Types of Grapefruit

This article will provide you some insight about the different types of grapefruit or varieties of grapefruit that you might be able to spot on your local market or grocery store. Read further and let’s do some grapefruit juicing. 

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1. Oro Blanco Grapefruit

Oro Blanco is a hybrid grapefruit that is similar to pomelos with a sweet citrus taste with a mild flavor. Oro blanco grapefruits has an aromatic, floral scent. This variety of grapefruit has a flesh that is pale yellow or lime green in color. Some oro blanco grapefruit might be seedless while others have few seeds on them. 

Oro blanco grapefruit is available in the seasons of fall through early spring. The ripeness may be indicated by green patches on its skin. But the fruit color will change from green to yellow-green or bright yellow when mature. 

This type of grapefruit is very rich in Vitamin C, which is good for the immune system and skin health. It also contains a rich amount of fiber for a healthy digestive system and potassium for balanced fluid levels in the body. 

Since this grapefruit has a sweet taste in nature, it is best to consume it raw and fresh for maximum health benefits. But you can never go wrong if you will add this on your favorite desserts, drinks, salads or other dishes. 

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2.Rio Red Grapefruit

Rio red grapefruit is derived from the ruby red grapefruit. This type of grapefruit thrives in areas with humid temperature or hot inland regions. This red grapefruit has a ruby red or deep red flesh with great sweet-tart flavors that is also super juicy. But the outer skin of this grapefruit turns from green to yellow and may have a pink blush when it ripens. 

Rio red grapefruit is also good for most people. Just a half size of this grapefruit will provide over 60% of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C. That means the whole size of the grapefruit will give 120% of the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C. 

You can enjoy this type of grapefruit by simply slicing the fruit in half and scoop the flesh with a spoon. You can also peel it like an orange, but slicing it is the best as you can get messy as the juice might overflow while being peeled. You can also turn this into a juice by using a fruit juicer tool after slicing them. 

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3. Ruby Red Grapefruit

Ruby red grapefruit has a thin plumy skin that is red in color. This one comes from the types of grapefruit that are very juicy with a sweet-tart flavor. Its flesh has a ruby red color, thus, where the name of this grapefruit came from. You might not spot seeds on the ruby red grapefruit as most of these grapefruit varieties are seedless. 

Aside from the common vitamin C that you can get on most grapefruits, ruby red grapefruit also provides nutrients and minerals that helps the body to accumulate fats and helps in lowering the blood sugar levels. 

Ruby red grapefruit is also best enjoyed fresh and raw. Simply cut it open in half size and scoop out its ruby red flesh using a dedicated spoon for grapefruit. If you have a fruit juicer and would like to enjoy a grapefruit juice, then do it as well. 

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4.Flame Grapefruit

Flame grapefruit is a descendant of the ruby red grapefruit. This grapefruit variety is smaller when compared to other grapefruits. Due to its fruit size, the flame grapefruit tree could bear a lot of grapefruits during the grapefruit season. The skin of this grapefruit has a dark pink hint and is more richly colored than the rudy red. 

This variety of grapefruit is also rich in vitamins and other antioxidants. But the most common nutrient that you can get on eating a grapefruit is vitamin C which combats free radicals that may enter your body. 

The best way to eat it is to slice the grapefruit in half between the stem and blossom end. You can scoop out the flesh using grapefruit spoons or regular spoons if you don’t have one. This grapefruit is also used as a refresher by turning it into juice.

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5.White Marsh Grapefruit

The white marsh seedless grapefruit comes from the white marsh grapefruit family. It has a yellow-white and yellow skin that is the most popular grapefruit variety. These grapefruit varieties are also sweet but their taste may be more acidic when compared to the other grapefruit variety like the ruby red. Its flesh can be pale pink to red depending on its ripeness. 

These grapefruit varieties are available in the winter season through late spring. Just like most varieties of grapefruit, white marsh is also rich in vitamin C for the immune system. It also contains Vitamin A, phosphorus and potassium.

Marsh white grapefruit can be coated in sugar or honey and make it into a dessert. You can also simply slice the fruit and add it fresh on your fruit salad or enjoy on its own. 

Those are the different types of grapefruits that you can spot outside. You might be able to see different types of grapefruit, but their taste and vitamin contents should not differ that much. You can still get Vitamin C and beta carotene, plus other vitamins and minerals.

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