16 Different Types Of Mango Varieties With Images

types of mango

If you want to know the types of mango that ever exist, scroll down and read this post.

Mango, a tropical fruit, is known to be the golden fruit of the Philippines and the country’s national fruit. But don’t you know that mangoes are not only popular in the Philippines, but all over the world?

In this post, we will give you the list of popular mango varieties you may have not known yet. 


Listed below are the most known and popular mango varieties all over the world.

Kensington Pride or Bowen Mango

Kensington Pride mango is a commercial mango cultivar native to Australia. It is also named KP, Bowen or Bowen special.

Kensington Pride has a distinctive flavor and aroma, and has an annual commercial market of 80% in the country. 

This mango variety grows predominantly in the Northern Territory, as well as in central and northern Queensland. 

Kensington is among the types of mangoes that is ovate in shape, has a rounded apex, with yellow skin color that will turn to red blush when matured.

Kensington Pride has a moderate fiber, bright yellow flesh, and is sweet and spicy in taste.

Its fruit reaches an average of 500 grams at maturity and usually ripens from mid-September to March (depending on the region it is grown in Australia).

Ivory Mango

Ivory mango, also known as jingu ivory, is a cultivar originated from Thailand and was first introduced to Yunnan, China in 1914.

The name of this delicious mango is similar to the tusk of a young elephant, which is long and thin in shape. Ivory mangoes have thin and smooth skin, with a few fibers in the flesh.

Madame Francis Mangoes

Madame Francis mango is one of the best-known mangoes in Haiti. It has a light-green skin that turns a bit yellow when ripe. This type of mango is large and has a flattened, kidney-shape. Madame Francis mangoes have low fiber but richly flavored juicy flesh.

Madame Francis mangoes are moderately fibrous which are orange in color when ripened. This mango variety is also a natural source of energy and a good source of vitamin C, A and antioxidants.

Julie Mango

Julie mango, also known as Saint Julian, was made popular in the Caribbean but believed to be descended from Réunion.

This type of mango has a dwarf growth habit with a superb fruit flavor. 

The fruit itself is small with a weight not less than a pound at maturity. It has a green skin color with a touch of crimson blush. 

Julie is an oval shaped mango with a unique flattened side. It has a deep-orange color flesh that is juicy, not fibrous, and has a very rich flavor. 

Haden Mangoes

The Haden mango, also spelled as Hayden, was grown from a Mulgona mango seed planted in Coconut grove way back 1902 in South Florida. 

The haden mango is very sweet when ripened. It has a custard-like texture with a bit of sharp green or bitter flavor when underripe. 

Haden mangoes have red skin with green or yellow blush.  

This type of mango has an oval or oblong shape with a fine fiber flesh making it more firm compared to other mango varieties.


The Ataulfo mango, with a marketing name of Champagne, is a mango cultivar native to Mexico. Ataulfo mangoes generally weigh between 170 and 280 grams. 

Atauflo has a golden yellow skin with an oblong shape. It has a thin pit and a very few fibers. 

This mango variety is usually grown in warm and moist climates with a temperature of  28 °C having a rainfall between 1090-3000 yearly. 

Ataulfo mangoes became popular in the United States starting in the late 1990s and were the second-most popular variety of mango sold in the US as of 2009.

Sein Ta Lone

The Sein Ta Lone mangoes, also known as Myanmar mangoes are known to be the best variety of mango in Myanmar. 

This type of mango is oval in shape, large in size, with an incredibly sweet and juicy flavor.

Myanmar mangoes have a thin and orange-yellow outer skin. Ripe mangoes have an orange inner color which is extremely juicy and sweet in taste.

These mangoes have non-fibrous flesh and are rich in vitamins C, A, B, E, K and other helpful nutrients. 

This mango variety is best eaten fresh. The ripe mangoes are also used in making delicious desserts like smoothies and ice cream. 

Aside from its fruits, Myanmar mango tree leaves are also eaten as vegetables or used in Myanmar cuisine. Definitely one of the best mangoes in the world that you should try.


The Sindhri mango, known to be the Queen of Mangoes, is native to Mirpur Khas, Sindh, Pakistan. This type of mango has a large oval shape. It has a bright yellow skin. When the mango is fully ripe, it is incredibly sweet and aromatic. 

Sindhri  is also the national fruit of Pakistan, and is often referred to as Honey Mango.

Carabao Mangoes

The Carabao mango, commonly known as Manila Mango or Philippine mango, is a type of mango variety that has a sweet taste. It was awarded as the sweetest mango in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records in the 1995 edition. 

It is named after the Philippine’s former national animal “Carabao”, which is a native Filipino domesticated water buffalo breed. 

The Carabao mangoes can grow around 5 inches in length and 3 and a half inches in diameter. 

Its shape has a resemblance to a kidney which can be short or elongated. 

Ripe mango has a bright yellow tinged with green color. Its flesh is also yellow in color, light orange when ripe, and has a tender pulp with a very aromatic scent. 

Eating fresh carabao mango is absolutely amazing. Definitely one of the must-taste types of mangoes in the world.

Alphonso Mangoes

The Alphonso Mango, a mango cultivated in India, is named after Afonso de Albuquerque. Afonso was a distinguished militarian of the Portuguese in Goa and Bombay from the year 1509 to 1515.

This seasonal fruit weighs between 150 and 300 grams. Ripe Alphonso mangoes have a rich, tender, delicate, and creamy flesh. It is also non-fibrous with a juicy pulp.

Aside from being eaten raw, Alphonso mango can also be made into delicious treats such as lassi, ice cream, sorbet, mousse, soufflé, and puree.

Tommy Atkins

The Tommy Atkins mango is a mango cultivar originated in Florida, USA. Its flesh is juicy, fibrous, and has a mild sweet taste. Tommy Atkins mangoes have a medium to large size that weighs up to 2 pounds individually.

It is oval in shape with a green skin covered with a reddish tinge and random orange and yellow accents.

This mango variety is actually not considered to be perfect when it comes to sweetness and flavor. But because Tommy Atkins mangoes have a very long shelf life, these types of mangoes are ideal for importing. In fact, 80% of these mangoes are imported to the United States and UK. 

Indian Mangoes

The Indian mango, also known as Began Phali, is a mango variety that usually grows in the Indian subcontinent. In fact, Indian mango is named after Banganapalle town in Andhra Pradesh.

This mango variety is abundant in the Philippines especially during summer. 

Indian has a unique flavor. Unlike most types of mangoes, Indian mangoes have little sour notes. Thus, they are enjoyable to eat even when it is still not ripe.

This mango variety usually has an oblong or round shape and a skin with light green overtones. When the mango ripens, its skin color turns from pale yellow to yellowish green skin. It has a yellow pulp with aromatic flavor. 

In the Philippines, Indian mangoes are preferably eaten unripe and raw because of its crunchy pulp that is less sour and slightly acidic. Perfect to pair with fermented fish and a dipping sauce made of soy sauce and vinegar.

White Chaunsa Mangoes

The White Chaunsa Mangoes, also known as chausa, is a mango cultivar native to South Asia. It is commonly grown in Pakistan and some areas in North India.

The fresh mangoes have a golden yellow skin when ripened, and a unique pointed shape. Ripe chaunsa mangoes are also soft, fiberless juicy pulp, and have a pleasant, aromatic sweet flavor. 

This mango variety is one of the top choices worldwide because of its unique taste. Chaunsa is also rich in vitamin C content.

Irwin Mangoes or Apple Mango

The Irwin Mangoes are a commercial cultivar developed in South Florida. The Irwin mango tree was first grown in Taiwan, and soon were planted in the collections of the USDA’s germplasm repository in Miami.

Irwin mango has a distinct apple and mango flavor, that is why it is also referred to as apple mango. It has a deep yellow flesh that has no fiber and it has a delicious sweet aroma flavor when fully ripened.

Irwin mango is ovate in shape. It also has a rounded base and a pointed apex. It has a smooth and deep red skin at maturity. 

This juicy fruit has a rich taste with a pleasant aroma and a mild but sweet flavor. It contains a monoembryonic seed and is fiberless. Irwin mango is definitely among the best mangoes in the world that is worth a taste.

Neelam Mangoes

Neelam Mango is a mango cultivar grown in South India and in southernmost China. It has a smooth skin with light yellow color when ripened. Neelam mango flesh is deep yellow or orange in color.

The fruit can weigh between 9 to 12 oz. and has a shape similar to a cashew nut. Neelam mangoes are acidic-sweet in taste with a floral aroma. 

Kent Mangoes

Kent mango is a mango cultivar from South Florida. It usually has a dark green skin with small red blush patches.

Kent mangoes have orange yellow smooth flesh, juicy with limited fibers, and with a rich and sweet taste. Kent is also among the mangoes in the world that is worth a try.


What is the sweetest mango in the world?

Carabao is the mango variety known to be the sweetest mango in the world by the 1995 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.

What are the nutrients you can get from a mango fruit?

A mango fruit is a good source of vitamin C. It also contains vitamin A, vitamin K, Potassium, beta-carotene, folate, magnesium, and choline.

What is the number one mango producing country?

India is the number one mango producing country in the world.

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