7 Best Hot Pot Soup Base You Can Buy Online

best hot pot soup base

Hot Pot is a Chinese food with its own Chinese cooking method that is loved by many in all different parts of the world, not only does it gather friends and loved ones around the dining table to share a meal but instead cooking the meal together using a shared pot. There are different varieties of Chinese hot pot and each differs with the hot pot broth and the meat being used. Making hot pot is not as as easy at it may seem, however there are ready-made hot pot soup base readily available and accessible these days. Hot pot soup bases comes in different varieties of flavor to choose from. In this post, we will provide you a list of some of the best hot spot soup base that you can buy online.

Hot Pot Soup Base You Can Buy Online

Hot pot Soup bases usually have instructions at the back of its package. Depending on the number of individuals for each meal, one package is usually enough for one hot pot. The pack is to be diluted in about 6 to 8 cups of water. Basically, the soup base and water are combined and bring to boil to create a hot pot broth.

What is hot pot soup base?

Hot pots as mentioned is a Chinese cooking method that typically involves the simmering of soup broth on top of an instant pot that contains raw ingredients such as meat, seafood, and vegetables. Other ingredients that you can add are tofu, noodles, noodles and even shiitake mushrooms.

There are however pre-packed hot pot soup bases that you can use when you are trying to make the meal at the comfort of home. And many opt to choose the soup base available online since it can be quite difficult to get that soup base flavor.

Pre-packed hot soup base comes in different flavors such as Mongolian Hot pot, Spicy Sichuan, and Seafood to name a few. These soup base contains ingredients such as sugar, chilies, Sichuan Peppercorns, and bean paste (fermented).

How is soup base used?

Soup base are easy to use to make hot pot by simply adding the contents of the package to the boiling water and waiting for it to simmer to make a hot pot broth. Additional ingredients are then added to complete your hot pot.

Buying hot pot soup base

Other than online, there are also soup base available and are found mostly on Chinese Grocery stores. The widely used and the best seller are those that contain sichuan pepper for that Sichuan flavor.

Storing Hot pot Soup base

Left overs from hot pot meals can be stored using an airtight container. It can be stored for no more than 1 week. Make sure no raw meat and vegetables are included in the left over to prevent it from deteriorating.

Hot pot Dipping sauce

There are different dipping sauce that you can use with your hot pot such as:

Hot Pot Equipment

Hot pot involves using a pot and a portable burner placed in the table. There are a wide varieties pots and burners that you can choose from

The selections that we will be listing below are some of the best hot pot soup bases which includes broths that are spicy hot pot and non spicy as well. Choosing the soup base for your hot pot should always be according to one’s preferences. Check out the list below to know which one is the best soup base for your hot pot meal.

Little Sheep Hot Pot Soup Base (Hot)

  • Package weight: 1.39 Kilograms
  • Weight: 2 lbs.

A very well known hot pot chain through the years is the Little sheep mongolian hot pot, a trusted brand when it comes to soup bases for hot pot. This one in particular is labeled as hot and spicy. If you are someone that loves to dig in on hot and spicy soup broths then this one right here is that best soup base for you.

When trying this soup base from Little sheep, you will be able to feel that numbing sensation around your mouth. This is because of one of its main ingredient: Chinese Sichuan pepper (Authentic).

Cooking directions:

  1. Pour soup base contents to hot pot.
  2. Add the following ingredients: 4 to 5 white parts of scallions, 20 cloves of peeled garlic and 6 cups of boiling water. If you want it to be more spicy, you also have an option to add more chilies to the hot pot broth.
  3. Once soup broth is already boiling, add additional ingredients such as meat, seafood and vegetables according to one’s preferences.

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Little Sheep Hot Pot Soup Base (Plain)

Another soup base product from Little Sheep but this time around spicy but a little milder than the spicy version mentioned beforehand. These plain flavor soup base is perhaps the perfect soup base that you can start with on your hot pot meal. Although it does not have a lot of flavors on it, however, you can certainly taste the vegetables and meat as well as seafoods that are added to the hot pot.

Most of Little sheep soup base products for hot pot does not usually contain heavy flavors nor it is too spicy even if they also have the hot package available. The little sheep brand makes sure that when you are getting the plain or original flavor, you will be treating for yourself a good soup base for your hot pot meal.

The package includes pack of 5 130-grams of hot pot soup base.

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Haidilao Hot Pot Spicy Sauce

If you are looking for another spicy soup base, then Haidilao Hot pot spice sauce is the perfect hot pot soup base for you. The numbing sensation that you will experience with these soup base comes from one of its ingredient which is the Sichuan peppercorns or also known as Szechuan pepper.

A hot pot sauce that is not only hot, or not the jalapeño kind of hot but taking you to a whole new level of hotness and spiciness also balancing its flavors with exotic taste.

Another good thing about this product is that there is balance between spice and its flavors but at the same time has good levels of saltiness in it.

The package includes 1 pack of condiment soup base for your hot pot.

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Lee Kum Kee Soup Base for Sichuan Hot & Spicy Hot Pot

Most of the Chinese love spicy food, and perhaps Sichuan peppers is one of Chinese favorite spice. Lee Kum Kee Soup Base gives you an authentic spicy flavor of soup base on your hot pot meal.

The spicy feeling that comes from the pepper as soon as you take a sip of your hot pot. Considered to be at the highest level in terms of spiciness, therefore this product is not tolerated but all as it can be too spicy for individuals.

These soup base does not have artificial flavors and no added preservatives as well.

The package includes 12-pack of 2.5 oz of Soup Base.

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Lee Kum Kee Soup Base for Satay Hot Pot

Another great product from Lee Kum, the soup base for satay hot pot. The soup base is made from ingredients such as peanuts, coconut that are of high quality. If you have allergies to peanuts, we wouldn’t recommend this soup base.

If you will be using this soup base at home, adding it to your hot pot it will definitely feel like you are eating in a restaurant while at the comfort of home.

It is easy to prepare, simply add one pouch of the soup base into boiling water with approximately 6 cups of water. Wait for the soup base to dissolved completely. Stir once in a while to mix it well. Then add ingredients to the hot pot.

The package contains 12-pack of 2.7oz of soup base individually packed.

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Quoc Viet Foods Thai Tom Yum Flavored Soup Base

One of the best soup base in the market. The recipe for making this product are authentic. The perfect soup base for individuals who are not into too spicy for hot pot.

If the instructions on how to make this hot pot base is carefully followed, the soup broth will indeed turn out to be a bit salty other than that this soup base can sufficiently add flavor to the ingredients added such as meats and vegetables. Aside from that, a touch of soybean oil can also be tasted on the hot pot using this soup base.

These soup base is perfect to make that spicy hot pot with no preservatives added and no MSG. Although it may not be ideal for those people who are watching their sodium level as this one has high sodium content.

The package is in a can form that weighs approximately 0.34 kilograms with a weight of 10 oz. hot pot base.

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LAO GAN MA (LAOGANMA) Hot Pot Spice Soup Base

Last but definitely not the least soup base is the Spice soup base by Lao Gan Ma. This one is yet another spicy hot soup base with ingredients that are authentic and natural.

One good thing about this soup base is that is definitely goes well with other ingredients in the hot pot such as meat and vegetables.

This soup base is not recommended for people who needs to watch their sodium content level because this one has high sodium content and also has too many calories.

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The hot pot soup base for Chinese hot pot broth mentioned here are some of the best available in the market. Although each individual have different taste and have different flavor preferences, but you can try to taste some of these products to know which one suits you best.

Little SheepLITTLE SHEEP Hot Pot Soup Base (Hot), 235g (Pack Of 5)Check Price on Amazon
Little SheepLittle Sheep Hot Pot Soup Base (Plain), 130-Grams (Pack of 5)Check Price on Amazon
Haidilao Hot Pot Spicy Sauce, Sichuan spicy hot pot, Chongqing spicy hot pot-海底捞麻辣清油火锅底料 (Hot Pot Condiment, 1 Pack)Check Price on Amazon
Lee Kum KeeLee Kum Kee Soup Base For Sichuan Hot & Spicy Hot Pot, 2.5-Ounce PouchesCheck Price on Amazon
Lee Kum Kee Satay Soup Base for Hot Pot, 2.7-Ounces Count of 12 (Pack of 1)Check Price on Amazon
Lao Gan MaLao Gan Ma (Laoganma) Hot Pot Spice Soup BaseCheck Price on Amazon
Quoc Viet FoodsQuoc Viet Foods Thai Tom Yum Flavored Soup Base 10oz Cot Lau Thai Lan BrandCheck Price on Amazon

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