13 Commercial Kitchen Equipment You Need To Start a Restaurant

commercial kitchen equipment

Commercial kitchen equipment plays a big role for starters who just set up their restaurants. Getting the right tools for your business should be considered as it will determine whether you can produce good dishes or not. 

Along with commercial cooking equipment, commercial kitchen equipment will allow you to serve excellent and dependable service or food to your customers. Many restaurants would use as many accessories as they can to be able to provide that. 

Since there is a wide selection of commercial restaurant equipment that you can use, may it be deep fryers or other appliances, we’ll let you know some of the best commercial equipment that you can use in your restaurant’s kitchen. 

What Are The Different Restaurant Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Getting the right restaurant cooking equipment should not compromise your business. If you are looking for some good commercial cooking equipment, here are some of the good recommendations that you can also buy online. 

Commercial Ovens

Some restaurants would need to serve hot dishes to customers. There are instances that prepared foods may not be hot anymore and this is where a commercial oven would help you. 

Aside from that, kitchens in restaurants would be a busy place as a lot of activities take place in this area. Depending on your needs, you may procure a convection oven, pizza oven, rotisserie oven, or bakery oven.

One of the most-used appliances in a commercial kitchen would be commercial ovens as they help chefs and bakers do their job easier as it helps food to cook evenly and quickly. 

Commercial Deep Fryers

Commercial deep fryers are also essential commercial kitchen equipment as they are designed to heat large quantities of cooking oil for deep frying large quantities of foods such as french fries, funnel cakes, and mozzarella on sticks.

Certain restaurants would provide staple dishes on their menus, or what you call their specialty. If your restaurant is serving fried foods such as french fries, donuts, mozzarella sticks, or churros, you will be needing a lot of help from commercial deep fryers. 

A foodservice business can also rely on deep fryers as they offer a wide selection of commercial cooking equipment. You can either get countertop fryers, floor fryers, tube fryers, or open pot fryers depending on how you are going to use it or on your needs. 

Commercial Range

Having an all-rounder commercial kitchen equipment is also a must in restaurants. This is just in case of an emergency when some of the specific commercial cooking equipment won’t work. 

The reason why you would need a commercial range as this is the workhorse of any commercial kitchen. This restaurant cooking equipment can perform virtually any cooking task, including frying, sautéing, steaming, simmering, boiling, blanching, braising, and stewing. 

Commercial Griddles

Commercial ranges and griddles often jive well together and should be present in restaurants. Griddles is a kitchen appliance that uses gas, so you can connect it to your existing natural gas source and provide heat in the same manner as a range.

The options are limitless with griddles as most of the food that you can cook in an iron skillet can be cooked on a griddle. From fish, steaks, burgers and vegetables, to eggs, pancakes and even flatbreads.

The griddle works by rather than emitting an open flame for cooking, it evenly heats a flat cooking surface. Though the size of the cooking surface ranges will vary from different countertop models. 

Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers 

The shelf life of the different types of food will vary from each other. That is why many restaurants or those on foodservice operations would invest in getting refrigerators and freezers. 

Having a proper food storage system allows you to save on the budget as it avoids getting food spoilage on a large scale level. Even when having good commercial cooking equipment, but without proper kitchen equipment that could store the food properly, your restaurant wouldn’t do well. 

Just look at how grocery stores or supermarkets invest in having a good refrigerator and freezer for commercial use. 

Commercial Food Processors

Large scale slicing and chopping should be done quickly if you have those food processors. As you might know in foodservice operation, a food processor is a piece of equipment used to streamline repetitive tasks during food preparation service.

It has a blade set or grate with blades that can blend, puree, slice, dice, shred, and chop bulk batches of food in a short time. That means you can prepare all of your ingredients with ease from shredding vegetables and cheese, pureeing fruits, to whipping up cream, sauces, and more so easily. 

Commercial Conveyor Toasters

If your restaurant is serving different types of breads, bagels, English muffins and more, you might want to check on acquiring conveyor toasters. 

It is sometimes called a rotary toaster that uses a food safe chain mechanism to slowly drag bread past cooking elements, which means consistently cooked toast every time. Serving toasted bread would be a breeze with this commercial cooking equipment. 

A conveyor toaster may be horizontal or vertical, with the latter primarily intended to offer high-volume operations and a toasting solution that maximizes counter space in a kitchen restaurant. 

Commercial Ice Machines

Aside from having refrigerators and freezers for storing food, you should have an ice machine in your restaurant. This would ditch the need for you to bulk orders of ice from commercial ice makers.

You could find automatic commercial ice makers and space-efficient undercounter units for use in bars as well as combination machines that dispense both ice and water

Work Stations

If you want a good output from your chefs and other staff in the kitchen, better provide them with a plentiful tabletop space. Having adequate space work stations would enable them to work better and do their job well. 

Get those work stations with good quality so you don’t need to replace them more often. They should be reliable and durable.


Having enough shelves to keep your kitchen equipment neat and organized should also be considered in restaurants. There are times that a restaurant would have that busy day of the year, so there must be enough space in the kitchen to accommodate those dry storage and common ingredients.

For your options, there are few that you can consider depending on the size of the kitchen in your restaurant. For mobility, you can have those shelves with lockable wheels should you need to move it frequently. 


How will a kitchen in restaurants function if one of the necessary tools has gone missing? Having a good set of kitchen knives should help your chefs do their job better. 

Preparing delicious food would start by having those perfect knives to do the cutting and dicing of ingredients. High quality knives are also designed for commercial restaurants and there are various options to choose from boning and fillet knives to bread and carving knives.

Chef Wear

Professional looking commercial kitchen staff could be an asset in any restaurant. From chefs to food servers, they must be presentable and be always at their best looks. 

That is why you will need to provide them with the best aprons, fresh uniforms, chef coats, chef pants, chef shoes, and chef hats. Not only that, make sure to look for their safety as well by providing safety equipment such as oven mitts and protective eyewear.


Known as kitchenware, these utensils are one of the fundamentals when starting up any food business. Cookware has a wide range of scope and is one of the most needed culinary tools. 

Depending on the dishes that’s being served, there’s a specific cookware for you. Things such as woks, fry pans, sauce pans, and stock pots in aluminum, stainless steel, and cast iron are cookwares. 

Commercial kitchens would also need brushes, ladles, pizza cutters, scrapers, spatulas, tongs, and whips, which are all hand tools. 


Those are just some of the essential things you should know if you are going to start your own restaurant business. Make sure to check each commercial restaurant cooking equipment before procuring them. 

You will also need restaurant supplies and other things to be ready. A commercial restaurant is indeed a big risk to venture, but it should all go well as long as you have the right plans and the passion to run it. 

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