9 Best Poblano Chile Substitutes With Images

The poblano pepper, also known as Capsicum annuum, is a mild chili pepper from Mexico’s Puebla state. It’s called ancho or chile ancho when it’s dried, and it is derived from the Spanish word ancho, meaning “wide”. It is a popular pepper that is widely used in Mexican cuisine.

Despite their mild flavor, poblano peppers can occasionally and have a strong spiciness to them. The heat level of different peppers from the same plant has been known to vary significantly. The red poblano, which has been ripened, is substantially hotter and has a rich flavor than the green poblano, which has not been matured.

Spicy peppers come in various flavors, and a lot of them may be used interchangeably with minimal to no difference in flavor.

If you’re looking for poblano peppers substitute, then this article can help you. Poblano is a well-known pepper that is popular all over the world because it works well with most Mexican dishes. Poblano peppers have an earthy and rich flavor.

There are various poblano pepper substitutes available in the market today.

Check out the best poblano pepper substitute below.

Poblano Chile Substitute

Anaheim Peppers

Anaheim Peppers

The best poblano chili substitute is anaheim pepper, which may be sliced or diced, and can be used in most recipes that need poblano peppers.

Poblano peppers and anaheim peppers are quite similar. Anaheim peppers have thick walls, and the cavities are large enough to stuff with food. Although, anaheim peppers, are slightly spicier than poblano peppers. They also have a sweet flavor. Anaheim peppers are great for stuffing recipes, but you can also slice them up and add them to soups, stews, and salads.

Anaheim peppers are also available in powder form, they are ideal for sauces, and other cooked foods.

Because their flavor, texture, and hardiness are significantly influenced by their growth conditions, Anaheim peppers are the most sought after. These peppers were originally cultivated by the Pueblo.

Cayenne Peppers

Cayenne Peppers

You can replace poblano peppers with cayenne peppers to achieve the same flavor. These type of peppers originated in Central and South America. Cayenne pepper is a good poblano pepper substitute, if you want to give your recipe that spicy kick it needs.

Capsicum annuum is a plant that also produces the cayenne pepper. It is usually a mildly hot pepper that is used to add flavor to foods. Cayenne peppers are usually 10 to 25 cm long, thin, mainly red-colored peppers that hang from the bush rather than growing upright and have a curved tip.

Since cayenne pepper is too thin and long, this pepper is not recommended for stuffed recipes, but it can produce an excellent seasoning powder for your dishes.

Cayenne peppers are just as hot as poblano peppers, and they are perfect in stir fries and baked dishes. Used commonly in cooking hot dishes either as a chili powder or in its whole form.

Cubanelle Peppers

Cubanelle Peppers

The Cubanelle, also known as Cuban pepper and Italian frying pepper, is a Capsicum annuum sweet pepper variety. It has a mild yellowish-green color when unripe, but once it ripens, it will turn bright red.

Cubanelle peppers have a sweet taste, thinner flesh, a longer length, and a somewhat wrinkled appearance when compared to bell peppers.

Cubanelle peppers do not have a spicy taste. Because they don’t have the same spiciness as poblano peppers, they are a great alternative for people who don’t like spicy meals. They are not only for seasoning, you can also use them for your stuffing recipes. They are not recommended for recipes that need sliced or diced peppers, because of their sweet taste.

Bell Peppers

Bell Peppers

The fruit of plants of the Grossum cultivar group of the species Capsicum annuum is the bell pepper. Bell pepper is generally known as sweet pepper, pepper, or capsicum. Producers of the plant grow colored bell peppers. Red, yellow, orange, green, white, and purple fruits are produced by various plant cultivars. Sweet peppers are a term used to describe bell peppers that are less pungent than chili peppers.

The appearance and flavor of green bell peppers are most similar to those of the poblano pepper. It has a rich and earthy flavor that is less sweeter than other bell peppers. Poblano peppers can also be substituted with red bell peppers. They come in a various sizes, making it simple to stuff them if you needed.

Poblano peppers and bell peppers have huge cavities and thick walls, bell peppers are definitely one of the greatest substitutes for poblano pepper in a stuffing recipe.

Keep in mind that bell peppers are a type of non-spicy peppers. So, if you don’t enjoy spicy foods, this is an excellent substitute for poblano peppers.

Jalapeño Peppers

Jalapeño Peppers

Jalapeño Peppers are also known as Huachinango, for the ripe red Jalapeno, and chile gordo, for the “fat chili pepper”, also known as cuaresmeño.

In Mexican cuisine, Jalapeño Peppers are one of the most popular peppers. They are spicier than poblano peppers.

Jalapenos will not be as hot and spicy if the ribs and pith are taken out. They are an excellent poblano pepper substitutes.

Sauces, such as salsa, are the perfect way to use jalapenos. They are also used as a salad topping. As long as you keep the amount under control, they’ll work well in salads and heated foods. It is entirely up to you to decide how much of this product you wish to use.

Ancho Peppers

Ancho Peppers

As mentioned above, ancho pepper is a dried poblanos.

Ancho peppers are derived from poblano peppers. When the poblano peppers have ripened, they become red and sweeter. You get an ancho pepper by drying it.

It is more difficult to find ancho peppers than it is to find other substitutes for poblano peppers. However, ancho chilies can definitely improve the flavor of your dishes instead of using poblano peppers.

Ancho chilies are sweeter and less spicy than poblanos. They also have a smoky flavor. Usually, these dried chilies are added to sauces or sprinkled on top of dishes.

New Mexico Chilies

New Mexico Chilies

New Mexico chilies are similar to poblanos in terms of spiciness, If you want to add some heat to a dish, they’re a excellent substitute for poblanos.

Poblano peppers can be substituted for New Mexico chiles in any dishes. In terms of heat, they’re just as hot as the poblano peppers. However, it can also give your recipe a sweet, earthy and grassier flavor.

New Mexico chiles are commonly used for red sauces. This substitute can also be used in a wide range of dishes, such as baked foods, soups, and stews will all benefit from them. They are also excellent in stir fries too.

Guajillo Peppers

Guajillo Peppers

Guajillo peppers have a wide range of uses, and are used in many Mexican dishes. They have silky, dark red skin. These peppers have a deep and spicy flavor. You may need to use a little amount of Guajillo peppers in your recipes because they are hotter than poblano peppers.

These peppers can be in dried, powder, or paste form. In salads, soups, and stews, you can substitute them for poblano peppers. They’ll also provide a enhance the flavors of your stir fries and baked meals.

Guajillo peppers are commonly used in Mexican dishes. It is usually added to sauces and used to make salsa. To add flavor to meats, fat, and oil with other ingredients, guajillo chiles are also used in marinades, butters, pastes, and spice rubs.



The spice paprika is manufactured from red peppers that have been dried and powdered. It is typically created from Capsicum annuum varietals from the Longum family, which also includes chili peppers, although paprika peppers are milder and have thinner flesh.

Parika has a hot and sweet version. You’ll need to use less of the hot version, because it is spicier than the poblano peppers. The most flexible substitute for poblano peppers is paprika in all of its forms.

Paprika is primarily used to season stews, soups, as well as to make sausages with meats and spices, like the Spanish chorizo. It is a spice that can be found in various food worldwide.


Poblano pepper is a well-known ingredient, and used in many dishes. If you’ve run out of poblano or there is no available poblano pepper in your area or market, you have the option to use other ingredients. The ingredients mentioned above are the best substitutes for poblano. If you use any of these options, you’ll still be able to create excellent dinners ranging from simple salads to complex baked meals.