20 Best Dutch Bros Drinks in 2024

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Dutch Bros is a popular drive-thru coffee chain. Its main office is situated in Grants Pass in Oregon. At present there are numerous franchised branches located in Western US. Dutch Bros company is best known not only for its delicious satisfying drinks but also known for their friendly and accommodating staff and employees. Aside from Coffee, there are other drinks that Dutch Bros can offer and we will be talking about the best Dutch Bros Drink. Read on below to know more.

Best Dutch Bros Drinks

Chocolate Macadamia Annihilator

You can enjoy this Dutch Bros drink in either iced, hot or blended options. The Chocolate Macadamia Annihilator drink from Dutch Bros is made by combining espresso coffee drinks, chocolate Macadamia nut syrups and half and half.

The Rebel Vampire Slayer

Next on our list the perfect drink for summer season. It is made by combining both strawberry and pomegranate.

Picture Perfect Dutch Freeze

There are different flavors of Dutch free options that customers can choose from such as caramel, vanilla and coconut flavors.

Picture Perfect Dutch Freeze beverage drink at Dutch Bros is a type of blended coffee drink drizzled with caramel sauce and chocolate. Finishing touches include topping it with whipped cream.

Picture perfect is so popular that whenever you ask a drink to be a “picture perfect” drink, employees will immediately add chocolate and caramel on top of the drink.

Toasted Mallow Iced Latte

This type of drink is another Dutch freeze variety that can be enjoyed either as hot or iced drink. It is made from coffee, milk, chocolate macadamia nut syrups and Vanilla.

Cotton candy Dutch Freeze

This drink from Dutch Bros is another Dutch freeze variety. It is a combination of Blue raspberry, white chocolate and topped with Whipped cream. This drink has a sweet and a hint of tartness.

Cotton Candy Dutch Freeze drink is made by blending the following: White chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream and Blue raspberry syrup. Finishing it with whipped cream on top.

Iced Grand Canyon Dark Chocolate Drink

Just so you know, the Iced Grand canyon drink is included Dutch Bros secret menu. The drink features a cookie breve, macadamia nuts and white chocolate. Dark chocolate milk can also be added in the coffee for that perfect blend.

Flap Jack Breve

Flap Jack Breve is a coffee drink at Dutch Bros made with salted caramel. vanilla syrup and white chocolate that is mixed with the coffee drink and half-and-half.

Flap Jack Breve coffee drink can be enjoyed hot, iced or frozen.

Rebel Dino Egg

The Rebel Dino Egg at Dutch Bros is an energy drink mixed with blue raspberry and strawberry. It is then drizzled with almond and white chocolate syrup.

Vanilla Cold Drew

Next on our list is the Vanilla Cold Brew at Dutch Bros. The drink is less acidic compared to other coffee companies.

This type of drinks at Dutch Bros is creamy drink with sweet flavor.

Dutch Crunch Breve and White Coffee

Another best drinks on Dutch Bros that first started the trend of introducing white coffee in 2015. It became popular and loved by many because it is not acidic (very low acidity levels) but the caffeine content is higher in comparison with other drinks that is made with roasted beans.

Crunch Breve and White coffee is enjoyed either hot, iced or frozen.

White Zombie Mocha

You can find White Zombie Mocha on Dutch Bros menu of drinks. This is actually similar to the white chocolate mocha drink, but white zombie mocha is more sweeter.

This White Zombie Mocha drink is a combination of coffee, white chocolate syrup, chocolate milk, and vanilla syrup.

Snickers Mocha Dutch

For snickers lover out there, you will definitely love this coffee drink too. It is made by combining hazelnut syrups and caramel together with chocolate milk and of course, coffee

The frozen version is the recommended drink and it comes with a an option for it to be sugar free.

Aquaberry Rebel

Aquaberry Rebel is an iced drinks at Dutch Bros. The perfect iced drink for summer season that is made with Blue Raspberry, strawberry, kiwi and watermelon.

If you want to limit your sugar intake, make sure to coordinate with the barista and inform that you want a sugar-free version of this Dutch Bros drinks.

Christmas Morning Chai and Whipped cream

A holiday drink that is usually available during Christmas season, hence the name Christmas Morning. It is made of white chocolate and breve. Finishing touches is by topping it with whipped cream and cinnamon. Nutmeg can also be added as toppings as well.

French Toast Frost Coffee

Another crowd favorite is the French toast frost at Dutch Bros. Just think of a regular coffee added with brown sugar and white chocolate mixed with blended cinnamon.

911 Cold Mixture Breve

This type of coffee drink at Dutch Bros features Irish cream syrup (non alcoholic), and half and half. Its main ingredient is 6 espresso shots for that coffee rush feeling.

For a 911 white coffee is has about 407 mg of caffeine.

Mango strawberry smoothie

Mango strawberry smoothie is an iced drink at Dutch Bros that features fruit smoothies. Its main ingredient is obviously strawberry and mango then it is then drizzled with passion fruit syrup as topping.

The main ingredients are blended to create a refreshing drink. Since it is an iced blended drink, best served during warm sunny days or summer season to cool down the heat.

Iced Grand Canyon OG

Next on our list of the best Dutch Bros drinks is the Iced Grand Canyon OG, also included in Dutch bros secret menu. This drink is a combination of half coffee, half chocolate milk mixed with white chocolate, chocolate macadamia nut syrup and dark chocolate.

It is another crowd favorite because when you sip on the drink you will immediately taste the mixture of nuts, coffee and chocolate.

Palm Beach Lemonade

This drink is one of Dutch Bros signature drink. Carefully infused with fruits such as mixing pomegranate and peach syrup. Palm Beach Lemonade is enjoyed either as iced or blended drink.

There are also other lemonade variety in Dutch Bros such as strawberry with coconut, strawberry with pineapple or lime and blue raspberry.

Birthday Cake Dutch Frost

Although named Birthday cake, this Dutch Bros drinks can be consumed or is available all year round. It is called birthday cake because if will notice on the drink it is usually topped with colorful sprinkles.

The drink is made of Almond Roca syrup and then blended it with Creamy white chocolate sauce. Vanilla ice cream is added too. Finishing touches includes topping it with whipped cream, and as mentioned with different colors of sprinkles.

How to order Dutch Bros Drinks

Most of the time, it is easier to order Dutch Bros drinks if you follow the ordering method in this particular order.

  1. Size of the Drink
    • For Kids: 10 ounces (either hot or cold). Kid friendly drinks are as follows: Dutch Frosts, Dutch Sodas, Smoothies and Not So Hot Drinks.
    • Small: hot (12 oz.); iced and blended (16 oz. )
    • Medium: Hot (16 oz.) ; iced and blended (24 oz.)
    • Large: Hot (20 oz. ); iced and blended (32 oz.).
  2. Preparation of the drink: either be hot, iced, blended or toasted.
  3. Name of the drink: you must mention the name of the drink so that the barista can identify the kind of syrup that will be used and the flavorings too. For Dutch Bros drink on their secret menu, you can mention it to the barista as well.
  4. Customize Drinks: if you want to customize your drinks you can do. Just tell the barista about the type of milk you want, number of syrup scoops to use or toppings of choice.
  • Coffee options: you can customize your drink with these coffee options such as decaf, half caf, Domino (half regular espresso and half white coffee), white coffee, Cubano and Fireball (double shots of Cubano with cinnamon)
  • Milk options: 2% milk, Non fat milk, Heavy whip, chocolate milk, coconut milk, oat milk, almond milk and Kick me Mix (half and half blend)
  • Ice options: more or less ice, no ice at all or cold pour.
  • Topping options: you can choose to add or not to add toppings such as whipped cream to your drinks.
  • Picture Perfect: as mentioned, when you asked your drink to be Picture perfect, whipped cream, chocolate and caramel are used as toppings
  • Sugar options: you can inform the barista to use sugar free syrups.
  • Temperature options: If you order hot drinks, it is generally hot but you can also inform the barista to lower the temperature of your hot drink.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean by half and half?

Half and Half is an equal park of whole milk and whipped cream.

Final Thoughts

The drinks mentioned above are just some of the best Dutch bros drinks. Now that you have an idea to some of the popular and loved drinks at Dutch Bros, the next time you visit the place order one or two of these drinks.

From the Dutch bros drinks in this article, which one have you tried and which one is your favorite. Let us know what you think.

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