11 Best Farmers Cheese Substitutes With Images

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There are different kinds kinds of cheese out there that can be used as a substitute for farmer’s cheese if you ever need one that works and almost taste exactly the same. Choosing the best alternative depends on the dish that you will be making. In this article, we will talk about the best farmer’s cheese substitutes. Read on here for more details.

What is a Farmers Cheese?

This is a special type of cheese that is soft and unripen. A different variety of cheese that basically comes from cow, goat milk and sheep’s milk. Farmers cheese are white cheese with a crumbly texture but are soft that is used in different recipes across the globe.

How is Farmers Cheese used?

While Farmers cheese is widely used in countries in Europe, nowadays it is being used in other countries as well. Because of its versatility, it can be used in different ways and in so many recipes.

Below is a list of how farmers cheese is used:

  • Toppings on the salad
  • Pierogis Fillings
  • Stuffing for pasta
  • Dips when combined with yogurt
  • Can be eaten alone
  • Eaten with fruits, jam and honey
  • Cheescakes
  • Other desserts and other toppings

Best Farmer’s Cheese Substitutes

If the recipe or the dish you are trying to make requires Farmers cheese as an ingredient but at some point Farmer cheese is not available and not accessible at the moment, listed below are some good farmer’s cheese substitute that you can use instead.

Ricotta cheese

Ricotta Cheese is an Italian Cheese that is popular and widely used as an alternative to other cheese. It is made from all kinds of milk: from sheep’s milk, to goat’s milk, to cow’s milk and to water buffalo’s milk.

Though as compared to Farmers cheese, Ricotta has more dairy content than that of Farmers cheese. It is more creamier therefore used mostly in recipes that requires a creamy texture rather than a crumbly texture.

It has a mild and creamy Italian cheese reminiscent that of a cream cheese.

Its flavor is mild and it is not salty that is why Ricotta cheese is the perfect alternative to farmers cheese for used in desserts such as cheesecake, pancakes, tarts and other sweet and savory dishes. Although Ricotta can also be eaten along and fresh, you can also eat aging ricotta as well.

Goat Cheese

Goat Cheese is quiet similar to Farmers cheese since both have resembles a crumbly texture and a very mild flavor.

Goat Cheese is made out of Goat’s milk where an acidic agent is being added to it. If you do not want cheese out of cow’s milk, then Goat cheese is the ideal cheese as good substitute for farmer’s cheese since is has low lactose content therefore it can be easily digested by individuals with stomachs that are sensitive to cow’s milk.

There are different varieties of goat cheese that varies with aging. Fresh goat cheese is the best option when using it as a substitute for farmer’s cheese since it still had a mild taste. However as the cheese ages, it tends to become firm and its flavor and taste becomes more intense and creamier.

Goat Cheese is best used for in recipes such as pizza, pasta dishes and on top of salads.  

Paneer Cheese

Paneer is a fresh Italian cheese made by curdled milk from cow or buffalo’s milk. It is added with an acidic ingredient such as lemon juice or lime juice. But yogurt and vinegar can also be added to it too.

Paneer cheese is a good farmer cheese substitute since both resembles in taste and texture. Its flavor is mild, although the only difference between the two is that Paneer cheese is not as salty as other varieties of cheese out there. Therefore if you want to use Paneer cheese as a substitute for farmer’s cheese in recipe’s that requires a salty taste, make sure to add a little bit of salt to the dish.

Paneer cheese is considered to have a abundant source of milk protein, it also has a moist and soft texture.


Neufchatel is another cheese variety that you can use as a farmers cheese substitute. There are two versions of this Neufchatel cheese: Neufchatel in France and American Neufchatel cheese.

In France, Neuchatel is a soft white cheese made from raw and unpasteurized milk of the cow. While with American Neufchatel variety is it made of pasteurized milk. American Neufchatel cheese is similar to cream cheese texture, however it is more soften than the latter because of its high moisture content.

Neufchatel cheese is quite similar to Farmers cheese in relation to its crumbly texture although Neufchatel tends to be soft with a grainy texture. It taste salty as compared to other cheese varieties.

This type of cheese substitute has low fat content but high in moisture content. The perfect substitute for farmers cheese with a tangier taste, then Neufchatel is the cheese of choice for you.

Queso Blanco 

Queso blanco is a type of Mexican Cheese that is very easy to make. It is made from using Skimmed cow’s milk. To make Queso blanco, you’ll need an acidic ingredient added to the milk to coagulate the milk. With Queso blanco, there is also a hint of lemon as some prefer to add lemon juice.

Althugh Queso blanco tends to be more acidic, its texture and taste is still similar with Farmers cheese making Queso blanco a good substitute for farmer’s cheese. Queso Blanco is salty (slight) but has a mild and milky flavor as well. It also has a crumbly texture.

This Mexican cheese is often used for when frilling and or frying because this type of cheese does not soften as compared with other varieties, but only softens. Can be eaten as salad toppings, can be eaten alone or in combination with fresh fruits.


Quark is another dairy product similar to Queso blanco and Paneer. It is made from milk. The milk is heated until curds are formed. Generally, the solids are separated from the liquids. After the separation process, the curds are then gathered as a result of a dairy product of what we call now as Quark.

The taste and flavor of Quark tends to be a combination between cottage cheese and yogurt in a way that it is not sweet nor sour but has a creamy and milder flavor.

Quark tends to have a thick texture, but a little grainy.

If you are looking for a farmers cheese substitutes that does not contain salt or sugar (healthy alternative), you can use Quark instead.

Commonly used in appetizers, main dish, salads and even other types of desserts. Is a spreadable cheese that can also be used in toasts and other savory recipes.

Cream Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese is another fresh dairy product. Making cottage cheese is a simple process. Pasteurized milk is added with and acidic ingredient such as vinegar. Adding an acidic ingredient causes the whey to separate from the milk to form curds.

Creamed cottage cheese is a cottage cheese with curds. If you add cream (4-8%) to the cottage cheese to get creamed cottage cheese as a result. Creamed cottage cheese is another great farmer’s cheese substitute.

Creamed cottage cheese works well with dips and dessert and sweet recipes.

Dry Cottage Cheese

Dry Cottage cheese can be a farmer’s cheese substitutes, especially an alternative to dried farmers cheese. Although it is not creamy as compared to other varieties, but more grainy.

Dry cottage cheese can also be used as an alternative to farmer’s cheese and used in dips, baked dish such as pancakes and other dessert recipes. As the name suggests, the liquid is drained with dry cottage cheese.

Dry cottage cheese is the cheese of choice for individuals that are lactose intolerant. It can also be used for baking and recipes that requires low fat cheese.


Feta is a popular variety of cheese that is popular by the Greeks. This are brined curd cheese that is made out of the milk from the sheep. Sometimes sheep’s milk and goat’s milk are mixed together. It usually takes about 4 to 6 weeks for Feta cheese to age.

You can substitute Feta for farmers cheese since both have similar crumbly texture, although Feta tends to be a little bit of salty than farmers cheese.

Feta us best used for in salads and pasta dishes as toppings. You can also use Feta in wraps and sandwiches.


Havarti Cheese is another cheese substitute for farmer’s cheese. A Danish Cheese variety made from pasteurized milk that has been coagulated using rennet. After the separation and curbs are drained, allowing Havarti cheese to age in time.

Havarti cheese texture and its color is not entirely the same as that of farmers cheese since Havarti is more softer and has a springy texture. Its flavor is milk therefore a great choice to replace farmer’s cheese.


Manouri is made from goat’s milk or sheep’s milk. Generally, Manouri is made from the separation of the whey that is drained for producing Feta cheese. This is why Manouri is more or less similar to Feta cheese but is more creamier and salt content is lesser.

Manouri is best used for in recipes that requires a sweet ingredient. Can be used for as toppings in salads and pasta. Also works well with desserts or can also be eaten alone or together with fruits.


Can you substitute farmer’s cheese with cream cheese?

Cream cheese and Farmer’s cheese have different texture and flavor wherein the former tends to a soft and creamy texture as compared to the latter of having crumbly texture, whilst farmer’s cheese is slightly tangy than cream cheese.

Although both are not similar, both cream cheese and farmer’s cheese are often used interchangeably in desserts recipes and both can also be used to make dips as well.

Things to consider when choosing the right substitute for farmer’s cheese:


Since farmers cheese has a slightly tangy and milk flavor, you should also consider choosing a farmers cheese substitute that does not overlap the flavor of the dish you are using the substitute for. This means choosing an alternative that compliments that dish rather than overlapping its taste.


Farmers cheese is spreadable, but despite that it still tends to have a solid and firm texture in comparison to cream cheese and other cheese varieties. Make sure to choose a farmer’s cheese substitute that is not so creamy.


If Farmers cheese is not readily available and easily accessible to you, there are different farmers cheese substitute that you can use instead. Most of substitute mentioned above have a similar texture and flavor as that of farmers cheese.

In deciding what substitute farmer’s cheese to use greatly depends on the recipe you will be using it from.

For something creamy, you can choose substitutes such as Neufchatel, Ricotta cheese, Queso blanco, quark, Manouri and creamed cottage cheese.

If you are in need of a substitute that requires a lesser and drier cheese version, Havarti, Feta, Dried cottage cheese and paneer is a great choice.

However, homemade farmer’s cheese is the best substitute as compared manufactured and ready made substitutes.

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