11 Different Types Of Sushi Rolls With Images

types of sushi rolls

Sushi Roll is when sushi rice is wrapped using nori seaweed and then rolled. Have you ever tried to eat sushi in a Japanese restaurant with different options of sushi to choose from? There are numerous types of sushi rolls out there. If you are having a hard time which Sushi rolls to choose from, in this post we will be giving you a list of some of the different types of sushi rolls that you can normally find in the list of menu. Read on this article to know more.

Different types of Sushi Rolls

When choosing Sushi rolls you should also take into considerations its calorie content and the contents included in the Sushi rolls of course. There are also Sushi rolls are for vegans, some are for vegetarians and some are for none of those two.

Before we look into the different types of sushi rolls, let us first talk about the 5 main types of Sushi that you would normally find in a menu at the restaurant.

Main Types of Sushi


It is considered to be the most common type and the best classic sushi rolls by the Japanese. Although Nigiri is not rolled like the Maki roll but it instead it is rolled in a thin slice of raw and sometimes cooked fish on top of a rectangular-shaped rice block.


Often called Makizushi or sometimes referred to as California Roll is a type of sushi where the fish, vegetables and sushi rice are placed on top of each other and are then rolled using nori sheet.


also known as Rebel roll. It is given the name as rebel roll because the preparing process in wrapping is not the usual or the normal way of wrapping. It basically means the rolls are rolled “inside out”, wherein the contents are rolled inside while being wrapped by sushi rice from the outside.


also known as the “Hand roll”. A simple process in wrapping sushi wherein it is made using the hands, bamboo sushi mats that are usually used to roll the sushi is not being used but instead the hands are used to roll the sushi and form a cone shaped sushi.

Listed below are the most popular types of Sushi rolls so that you will be familiar with the sushi rolls on the menu:

Rainbow Roll

Rainbow roll or also known as Maki roll that contains cucumber, crab (usually imitation). It is basically a California roll that is topped with avocado, salmon, tuna (at least one kind), shrimp and yellow tail.

Rainbow roll usually involves at least one 6-8 piece roll. Because of its colorful topping of raw fish it can be appealing to the eyes and of course an image that is Instagram worthy.

California Roll

California Roll contains crab meat (imitation) , cucumber and avocado. It basically looks like inside-out sushi rolls wherein sushi rice is on the outside and nori sheets can be seen on the inside with the ingredients mentioned.

California sushi rolls can be a good source of fiber with at least 3.6 grams and protein of 7.6 grams, in one roll. Although make sure not to eat to many rainbow rolls as it also contains high sodium content.

Spicy Tuna roll

Spicy Tuna Sushi rolls contains raw Tuna that are mixed with spicy mayo. The Traditional spicy tuna is made with raw tuna, however if you do not want to eat raw fish, you can use cooked tuna or flaked tuna that is available in cans.

Most often, Ichimi togarashi is added to season spicy tuna roll. This is to add spices to the tuna. The ingredients of Ichimi togarashi are red chili pepper, orange peel, sesame seeds, Ginger, seaweed and Japanese Pepper.

Tuna and a kick of Spices is a perfect combination that is so addicting that you may want to add some more. But make sure not to eat a lot of this perfect combo, as it also contains calories. Although not as much as with those that contains avocado.

The touch of Tuna in the spicy tuna roll is perhaps a perfect choice if you want some of those healthy fat in your diet.

Spider Roll

Spider Roll is more similar to California roll wherein it also contains cucumber , avocado and tempura crab meat. However unlike California roll, Spider rolls also contains lettuce and mayonnaise that are rolled inside a nori sheet and sushi rice.

Shrimp Tempura Roll

Shrimp Tempura sushi rolls are made with batter fried shrimp tempura, sushi rice, nori sheets, cucumber and avocado in a Uramaki style.

Most of the time, shrimp tempura rolls are topped with flakes and roasted sesame seeds.

A unique addition to shrimp tempura roll is the eel sauce which is also known as Kabayaki sauce, Nitsume or Unagi that is made of sake, mirin, sugar and soy sauce is also added to the sushi rolls. Although eel sauce does not taste fishy, however there are some who does not like the taste of it. And No, eel sauce is not made out of eel.

King Crab Roll

King crab roll contains king crab and mayonnaise. A type of Makizushi sushi rolls or California rolls where it is also rolled inside out. King crab roll is the ideal choice for individuals who does not want to eat raw fish since in these type of sushi the crab is cooked.

You can never go wrong when eating King crab roll as it is safe and healthy to eat and is good for your muscles, joints and heart as the Alaska King crab contains are rich and with high contents of protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

Dragon Roll

Dragon Roll contains avocado, shrimp tempura, eel or also known as unagi (freshwater eel) and are then topped with Masago (also known as Smelt roe, an edible eggs of Capelin fish used to top or coat the outside of the sushi rolls and are sometimes used when making fillings on the sushi.

It is called Dragon roll simply because it is made to look like a dragon wherein the eel, cucumber, thin slices of avocado are made to make it look like the scales of a dragon.

Dragon rolls is high in protein and has vitamins A, Vitamins C and calcium. Not only you are enjoying eating sushi while at the same time it give you the energy you need and the nutrients it provides.

Boston Roll

Boston Roll is similar to California roll which is also a type of Maki Sushi that is made by rolling the contents in nori (seeweed) sheets and sushi rice, but the rice layer is much thinner as compared to California roll. Although the difference is that with California roll imitation crab meat is used but with Boston Roll, poached shrimp is used.

The ingredients include shrimp, cucumber, avocado or lettuce. Another inside-out roll wherein a thin layer of sushi rice on the outside while the nori seaweed sheets on the inside together with the ingredients mentioned.

Tobiko or Roe is also added to make the the outside of the sushi crunchier and make it look bright that is why Tobiko is commonly found in sushi restaurants.

If you love shrimp so much, you can add more shrimp to you rolls however you want it to taste like.

Alaska Roll

Alaska roll is another type of sushi rolls that contains fresh salmon, cucumber and avocado. Adding asparagus to the sushi rolls is optional and of course a personal choice since not everyone love to eat asparagus.

An inside out type of sushi roll where in the avocado and fresh salmon is rolled inside out. It is then rolled in panko bread, made from white bread turned into bread crumbs that are mostly used in Japanese cuisines.

The ingredients in making Alaska Roll sushi are easily accessible and available which makes it easier to make sushi at the comfort of home.

Philadelphia Roll

Philadelphia Roll or also known as Philly roll is a another type or sushi roll that contains smoked salmon, avocado, cream cheese and sometimes cucumber is added. The ingredients in Philadelphia rolls are similar to California rolls however the former uses salmon (raw) while the latter on the hand uses imitation crabs (cooked).

Philly roll should be eaten in moderate amounts because of its main ingredient which is the Philadelphia cream cheese which is known to be high in saturated fats and cholesterol. Cream cheese has also low nutrient contents. Despite Philly roll using smoked salmon and avocado which by the way are healthy, mixing it with cream cheese can be a no no unless low fat cream cheese is used instead.

Cucumber Roll

Cucumber sushi roll is considered to be the easiest sushi roll there in since it only contains cucumber, sushi rice and nori sheet. Basically, the sushi rice and cucumber are rolled using the nori seaweed sheet. Although to make it more appealing and to add taste, pickled carrots can be a great addition to the cucumber sushi rolls.

Another optional addition is the spicy mayo dip. To make spicy mayo dip, you need to mix the mayo, sriracha, soy sauce and then lime juice.


Since there are so many types of sushi rolls in the menu to choose from, selecting which one is the best can be difficult. Although in order to choose which one is your new fave, make sure to taste each of the sushi rolls presented. We hope this post will choose the best sushi rolls that would satisfy your palette.

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