10 Different Types of Pomegranate with Images

Types of Pomegranate

The types of Pomegranate tree are evergreen, broadleaf and half hardy tree form that bears the delicious fruit of pomegranates. It is believed that is also originated in the regions of Iran (middle east) to Northern India and it was already cultivated during ancient times. 

In the history of greek myth when Persephone was abducted by Hades, pomegranates represent as a symbol of the indissolubility of marriage. It is also believed that pomegranates are being offered to the goddess Demeter in prayer for fertile land.

Pomegranates have become a known fruit due to some cultivist who protected its biodiversity, just like Gregory Levin. He is a botanist who lived and worked in a remote Soviet agricultural outpost in Turkmenistan. He’s able to collect 1,117 living varieties of the pomegranates by travelling to Central Asia and the Trans-Caucasus. 

The pomegranate fruit actually contains several seeds as its flesh that is called arils. They are edible seeds that’s a rich source of several vitamins, minerals, fibers, and bioactive plant compounds. 

Pomegranates taste fairly sweet tart underneath due to its sugar content. The fruits are transformed into pomegranate juice, concentrated or reduced juice with a little sugar added to taste. 

What Are The 10 Different Types of Pomegranates

The fruit size of a pomegranate could reach up to 2.5 inches wide or medium to large. Pomegranates generally  have red and leathery skin. But that could vary as there are varieties of pomegranates being cultivated around the world. 

Now, let us learn what type of pomegranates dominate the market and which one you already know. Read further to check the different pomegranate tree types and the different pomegranate fruit they bear. 

types of pomegranate

1. Angel Red Pomegranate

If you are looking for the most known type of pomegranates in the market, angel red variety will stand out. Its vivid red fruit ripens in late summer to fall and they protrude a less pulp and higher pomegranate juice contents than others. The pomegranate seeds of these varieties are soft enough to be eaten raw and fresh. 

The pomegranate trees of the red angel produce showy, large, and bright orange-red blooms on upright growth habit. Its rind fruit also produce higher antioxidant contents, like vitamin C. 

types of pomegranate

2. Ariana Pomegranates

The ariana pomegranate trees could produce medium to large fruits that would ripen from late September to mid October. Its fruit skin or rind is red and the arils are red with very soft seeds. The fruit also provides a sweet tart yet delicious taste. 

It is also packed with lots of healthy natural vitamins and minerals. You can turn it into a juice for that fruit punch flavor. 

types of pomegranate

3. Golden Globe

The golden globe pomegranate trees also produce large fruits with golden skin with a blush of red that could weigh up to 2 pounds. The arils of this type are big with pink-red color.

The flesh of this pomegranate variety is sweet and very juicy and is excellent to be transformed into a fruit punch or fresh juice. 

types of pomegranate

4. Sharp Velvet Pomegranate

The sharp velvet varieties produce a fruit with a dark red skin and crushed red velvet seeds or arils. The fruit size is large and often provides a nice, slightly acidic taste. The plants of these pomegranates varieties grow upright that produces the ornamental fruits that can be kept during summer pruning at any height. 

The sharp velvet pomegranate is also rich in antioxidants. If you are planning to plant this, its trees are very tough that can withstand extreme weather and soil type. 

types of pomegranate

5. Parfianka Pomegranate

Parfianka varieties have short pomegranate trees that produce the beautiful red fruits with small red arils. Its seeds are juicy with great flavor. They are very great to be extracted as a juice or being eaten fresh. 

Its tree can also produce a heavy crop that’s good if you are planning to take this variety into your farm.

types of pomegranate

6. Kara Gul

The tree of kara gul produces dark red medium to large sized fruit. Its arils are also dark and medium hard in texture. This type is from the Arab countries that provides a sweet and tart flavor. This is also the darkest type of pomegranates available. 

Its tree is very good to be planted in any climate as it can withstand cold and heat. The tree type of this one is classified as dwarf and deciduous.

types of pomegranate

7. Pink Satin Pomegranate

Also known as Sin pepe, its fruit can be medium to large in size with a medium pink to dark red skin color. Satin produces light pink arils that are also medium to large. They are sweet and have a fruit punch flavor. 

The pink satin plant can be grown into a vigorous shrubs or tree. The fruit can be eaten fresh or processed into a juice. 

types of pomegranate

8. Sweet Pomegranate

The pomegranate tree of the sweet type is deciduous which produces the round, delicious tasting fruits. Its name is not only a gimmick but truly transcends to its flavor. 

It has very juicy bright pink color arils that are excellent for making a refreshing juice. You can plant it near your home in a location where the sun shines and see it bloom into a lovely tree. 

types of pomegranate

9. Desertnyi

These pomegranates are one of the many collections of the famous breeder, Gregory Levin. It comes from his special collection in Turkmenistan. Desertnyi can be translated as dessert, which is why it is perfect to be incorporated on your favorite desserts. 

The pomegranate tree could produce a light orange rind fruit with dark red color arils inside. Its flavor is tarty sweet with citrus overtones. Matured fruits of desertnyi types are more orangey fruit flavor. 

types of pomegranate

10. Ambrosia

Its plant can also grow into a shrub with beautiful ornamental features. It could also bear a heavy crop, which is great if you will plant this on the landscape of your home. But the fruit trees are not only used as a design on your house, its fruits are also delicious and have a sweet and tart taste. 

Do You Know These Pomegranates?

Which of these varieties and fruit trees do you like the most? Have you tasted any of them yet? Why check out the abundance of these fruits in your area? Their acid sugar balance is best for making juice or eating them fresh anytime you want. But make sure to consume these delicious fruits moderately as the fruit sugar contents might have a bad health effect if it is too much. 

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