6 Best KFC Sauces

Best KFC Sauces

One of the most popular fast-food restaurants to have ever dazzled American land is Kentucky Fried Chicken. Since its roots in Corbin, Kentucky, KFC has expanded to run more than 24,000 restaurants across the globe. And of course, you’ll need one of KFC’s sauces to enjoy your dish, even if their chicken is their specialty.

Discover which KFC sauces go best with your meal of KFC chicken. Scroll down and read on to learn more about these sauces if you’re interested.

Best KFC Sauces


KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)

Let’s first explore about the roots of KFC before learning about the tasty sauces for your fried chicken.

Colonel Harland Sanders, an entrepreneur who started selling fried chicken from his roadside eatery in Corbin, Kentucky, during the Great Depression, launched KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). In 1952, the first “Kentucky Fried Chicken” chain launched in Salt Lake City, Utah, thanks to Sanders’ recognition of the possibilities of restaurant franchising. KFC contributed to making chicken popular in the fast-food category and expanded the market by intimidating the hamburger’s long-standing domination. The inventor, who went by the nickname “Colonel Sanders,” became a major figure in American cultural history and is still frequently featured in KFC commercials. Due to the company’s quick growth, Sanders found it difficult to manage and decided to sell it in 1964 to a group of financiers headed by John Y. Brown, Jr. and Jack C. Massey.

One of the first fast-food chains to go global was KFC, which by the middle of the 1960s had opened locations in Jamaica, Mexico, and Britain. KFC had different levels of succes during the 1970s and 1980s due to a succession of corporate ownership changes made by individuals with little to no prior knowledge of the food industry. Early in the 1970s, KFC was sold to Heublein, a distributor of alcoholic beverages, which the R later acquired. Conglomerate of food and cigarettes J. Reynolds later sold the chain to PepsiCo. KFC opened its first location in China in 1987 as the brand continued to grow internationally.

PepsiCo separated its restaurant operations in 1997 under the name Tricon Global Restaurants, which later became Yum! Brands. While KFC’s number of locations has decreased in the US, the company has kept expanding in Asia, South America, and Africa, showing that Yum! is a more concentrated owner than Pepsi. The business now has 18,875 locations spread across 118 nations and territories, with 4,563 of those in China, which is KFC’s biggest market.

Beyond its delightfully tender chicken, KFC is well-known for a variety of things. The amazing sauces, suitable for complementing with any dish you can think of, which is our main focus. The greatest KFC sauces are listed below, along with some justification for their outstanding quality.

Harland Sanders’ mixture of 11 herbs and spices is used to season pressure-fried chicken pieces, which are the company’s original product. The recipe’s ingredients are kept as a trade mark and secret. Since franchisee Pete Harman developed the concept for the first time in 1957, larger servings of fried chicken are delivered in a cardboard “bucket”, which has come to be recognized as a trademark of the company. Since the early 1990s, KFC’s menu has expanded to include more chicken items such chicken fillet sandwiches and wraps, salads, side dishes like coleslaw and French fries, desserts, and soft drinks, the latter of which is frequently provided by PepsiCo. Nobody does chicken like KFC, “It’s Finger Lickin’ Good!” and “So good” are some of the company’s catchphrases.

Check out the KFC dipping sauces below.

Honey Mustard

1. Honey Mustard Sauce

One of the iconic KFC sauces is honey mustard, and you can eat it on everything and it will still taste fantastic. In every sense of the term, it is a classic.

There is just nothing better than authentic honey mustard.  This honey mustard sauce from KFC stands out enough from other sauces.

KFC makes excellent honey mustard. This KFC sauce is a terrific addition to any meal and only has 120 calories per serving.

 It has a delicious sweet mustard flavor. Honey mustard can be put on anything you can think of, including wings, chicken tenders, fried chicken, popcorn chicken.

Honey BBQ Sauce

2. Honey BBQ Sauce

KFC’s Honey BBQ sauce is the ideal fusion of real, true American BBQ sauce and the lightest hint of sweet honey. They are the ideal duo when they’re together.

You receive the ideal balance of each flavor with every bite because neither flavor is noticeably overpowering, which makes it perfect to your meals.

Only the perfect amount of BBQ and honey are combined.  Add the honey barbecue sauce to your order if you want to extend your wings and receive a little something extra the next time you visit KFC.

This KFC barbecue sauce, which is somewhat sweet, mildly tangy delight mixes perfectly with the KFC Chicken Sandwich.

Hot Sauce

3. Hot Sauce

This KFC sauce is ideal for you if you enjoy hot sauce. Everyone should enjoy dipping their fried chicken in KFC Hot Sauce at least once, right?. Even if spicy sauce isn’t your favorite condiment, KFC’s Hot Sauce sets the standard significantly. Now, this dipping sauce is perfect for your  crispy chicken tenders.

KFC’s Hot Sauce is the perfect balance of heat and vinegar bite without being overpowering. The hot sauce is essential to elevating the overall experience.

KFC Sauce

4. KFC Sauce

You can experience a true taste of KFC with their iconic, recognized, trademark KFC Sauce, which has just 90 calories per serving. The KFC Sauce is among the best since it has all the essential components of a great dipping sauce.

It has a deep, rich flavor that is acidic and slightly sweet. KFC Sauce is prepared using a top-secret blend of ketchup, mustard, vinegar, mayonnaise, and different spices and herbs. Perfect for your fried chicken.

KFC Sauce, a mainstay on the KFC menu, was formerly known as the renowned Finger Lickin’ Good Sauce. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the sauce was modified to KFC Sauce in 2024.

Honey Sauce

5. KFC’s Honey Sauce

Nothing is more scrumptious than a piece of chicken with a big dollop of wonderful, rich, sweet honey. Even better is when it is drizzled over a piece of fried chicken. One of those flavor profiles that is impossible to top.

The Honey Sauce at KFC is especially delicious because it pairs well with almost everything on the menu. A small amount of honey served on the side will go great if you’re in the mood for a bucket of fried chicken.

You can also spread honey on a chicken sandwich if you’re into that.  Honey Sauce pairs well with almost anything, as KFC has discovered. No matter what dish you order, you should try adding honey sauce.

Classic Ranch Sauce

6. Classic Ranch Sauce

There’s a purpose why Classic Ranch is considered classic. Everyone enjoys its superb taste and creamy texture. In addition to having a great onion and garlic flavor, this dish’s thick, creamy texture also features a delicious herb mixture and just a little touch of black pepper. Ranch dressing complements almost anything and is widely available.

Classic ranch enhances the overall feeling of homeliness that KFC has successfully maintained for decades since its founding.

To get the whole experience, get the three-piece chicken combo with a side of classic ranch.  It might seem excessive to include a side of Secret Recipe Fries, but it will match everything together. The Classic Ranch is a good, low-calorie side option and only has 100 calories.


KFC has whatever you’re in the mood for during your lunch break. If honey barbecue is your thing, you’ll definitely won’t regret it. Additionally, if you like Classic Ranch, you may find that as well. Any KFC sauce you want will probably pair well with your KFC meal. I definitely suggest trying one of KFC’s delicious sauce options. You won’t be let down, I can assure you of that.

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