10 Different Types Of Waffles With Images

Types Of Waffles

Everyone enjoys waffles, right? This is a fantastic treat for breakfast or even a snack. Waffles come in a variety of flavors from around the world, including sweet, salty, savory, and traditional as well as modern. Let us explore the different types of waffle in this post.

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Types Of Waffles



Who could refuse these delectable treats? Waffles are created from leavened batter or dough that is cooked between two plates with a specific pattern to provide their distinctive size, shape, and surface appearance. Depending on the recipe and waffle iron used, there are numerous variants. There are more than a dozen different regional kinds of waffles in Belgium, but they are popular worldwide. Waffles can be made entirely from scratch or simply reheated after being cooked commercially and frozen.

Check out the varieties of waffles below.

Belgian Waffle

1. Belgian Waffle Or Brussels Waffle

An egg-white or yeast-leavened batter, generally made with ale yeast, is used to make Brussels waffles. Occasionally, both leavening methods are used in making Belgian waffles. In comparison to other European waffle kinds, they are crispier, lighter, and have larger deep pockets. Their rectangular sides make them distinct from Liège Waffles. Although in tourist regions they may be topped with sweet toppings such as whipped cream, soft fruit (like strawberries or bananas), or chocolate spread, nuts, most waffles in Belgium are served warm by street vendors and sprinkled with confectioners sugar or powdered sugar.

This crisp dessert waffle can be rectangular or square in shape.

Leige Waffle

2. Liège Waffle

Richer, denser, sweeter, and chewier characterize the Liège waffle. They are a variation of brioche bread dough that are specific to the wider Wallonia region of Eastern Belgium and are also referred to as hunting waffles, because they contain pieces of pearl sugar that caramelize on the outside of the waffle when cooked. It is the most popular kind of waffle available in Belgium and is made by street vendors all across the country in plain, vanilla, and cinnamon flavors. They are most known in the United States for being distributed under the Waffle Cabin brand at ski slopes, primarily in the Northeast.

Liege waffles are smaller, portable snack meals in contrast to the crisp dessert waffles that are served with sweet toppings that are known as Brussels waffles or Belgian waffles. It also has irregular edges, unlike the Brussels waffle, which is completely square or rectangular with even sides.

Hotdog Waffle

3. Hot Dog Waffle

Waffles that resemble corn dogs in shape and have a hot dog cooked inside of them are known as hotdog waffles or waffle dogs. It is prepared using specialized waffle irons with hotdog bun-shaped molds that are cylindrical. Basically, it’s a hot dog on a stick wrapped in a waffle batter. It is typically eaten with dipping sauces including ketchup, mayo, mustard, BBQ, and many more. Additionally, it has a totally different impact on your tongue, where the contrast between savory and sweet tastes just exquisite.

They come from Hawaii and were originally made available in 1934 at Jiro Asato’s Japanese American-owned KC Drive Inn, who later legally modified his name to KC Jiro Asato. With an oblong middle section, which contains the hotdog, and flattened square sides, the original version had an unique shape. Waffle dogs are still a defining aspect of Hawaiian culture, even though their appeal has diminished in the rest of the US. It first gained popularity in the Philippines, which was then an American colony, and then expanded to the rest of the Pacific Islands.

In the Philippines, it is a popular street food, where variations might utilize savory fillings like ham, bacon, longganisa, tuna, or cheese as well as sweet fillings, such as ube, chocolate, or yema custard. The Filipino variants are typically served on bamboo skewers and are likewise more consistently cylindrical with a grid design.

American Waffle

4. American Waffle

American waffles come in a wide range. They are commonly produced using a batter leavened with baking powder, which is occasionally combined with pecans, chocolate drops, or berries and can be round, square, or rectangular in form. They are typically denser and thinner than Belgian waffles. They are typically served as a sweet breakfast item, similar to American pancakes, and are topped with butter, maple syrup, bacon, various fruit syrups, honey, or powdered sugar. Additionally, they can be found in a variety of savory dishes such fried chicken and waffles and meals with kidney stew on top. With ice cream and other toppings, they can also be served as desserts.

Potato Waffle

5. Potato Waffle

This dish is basically a waffle shaped potato pancake. It tastes excellent with chopped tomatoes cheese, onions, sour cream, carrots, chili flakes if you want things spicy, sea salt, pepper, avocados, mushrooms, and even fried eggs and sausages.

In Great Britain and Ireland, potato waffles are very well-liked and a great option for those trying to lose weight, switch up their diet, or just want something different.

Hong Kong Egg Waffles

6. Hong Kong Egg Waffles

In Hong Kong, the waffle is known as a “grid cake” or “grid biscuits”. It is a warm waffle that is often cooked and sold by street vendors. It is spherical, bigger, and divided into four quarters than a typical waffle is. Typically, it is offered as a snack. The cooked waffle is covered with butter, peanut butter, and sugar before being folded into a semicircle for eating. The waffle recipes use eggs, sugar, and evaporated milk to give them a sweet flavor. Typically, they are soft and not dense.

Hong Kong Egg waffles are also known as egg puffs, eggettes, and bubble waffles. The Hong Kong egg waffle includes egg-shaped bubbles instead of the usual pockets that indent a waffle and can be easily broken off for nibbling or eaten whole. They also have fruit fillings or peanut butter and sugar on top. These waffles are typically prepared over charcoal flames. However, the majority of people now prepare them on electric stovetops.

Toaster Waffles

7. Toaster Waffles

A frozen waffle that can be toasted right out of the freezer is a toaster waffle. When the Dorsa brothers first created them in 1953, they were known as Froffles, which was short for frozen waffles.

Waffle Cone

8. Waffle Cones

A waffle cone is an ice cream cone with a waffle-like appearance and flavor because the waffle is larger, thicker, fluffier, and produced from white sugar.

Waffle cones are commonly used in small and large ice cream stores, and are produced in an unique press. Sprinkles, nuts, crushed cookies, or anything else you can think of are typically added to these cones to make them extra tasty.

Flemish Waffle

9. Flemish Waffle

Flemish Waffle is also known as Gaufres à la Flamande. These delicious waffles are a delicacy of northern France and parts of western Belgium. This recipe was first published in 1740 by Louis-Auguste de Bourbon in Le Cuisinier Gascon.

They can be made in large batches because they can be preserved for several weeks. This type of waffle has deep pockets to keep that extra amount of chocolate sauce that everyone wants. This French version is typically eaten cold and has an irregular form, however it can also be eaten hot. For toppings, sugar is traditionally served, other regions add a few orange blossom water, berries, fruit slices, ice cream, syrups and whipped cream.

Pandan Waffle

10. Pandan Waffle

Originally from Vietnam, pandan waffles are recognized by the incorporation of coconut milk and pandan flavoring in the batter. The batter’s unique spring green tint is a result of the pandan flavour. When the waffle is cooked, the surface browns and crisps while the interior remains green and chewy. Pandan waffles are commonly eaten plain, unlike most other waffles. They are well-liked by kids in Vietnam since they are quite inexpensive. They are a well-liked street dish prepared either in electric waffle irons or cast iron molds heated with charcoal.

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