22 Different Types Of Biscuits With Images

Types Of Biscuits

Biscuits are small, thin and flat pastry that is made of flour. It is usually served as a snack or often a to-go food. There are however different types of biscuits and each variety is distinct from each other according to the ingredients used, the taste of each biscuit, and texture. In here, let us go through the different types of biscuits we have gathered.

Biscuit Classifications

But before we proceed with the different types of biscuits, let us first talk about the different biscuit classifications.

Hard Biscuits

As the name itself present, this variety of biscuit is made by using stiffer and hard dough. Dough used in making hard biscuits are also thick and much heavier.

Soft Biscuits

Soft biscuits can either be sweet biscuits or savory biscuits. It is made of smooth dough, less dense and more flatter. Though soft biscuits contains more sugar and fat then hard biscuits.

Fried Biscuits

Fried biscuits are made by frying the batter and the dough of the biscuit. There are sweetened and unsweetened fried biscuit varieties.

Confectionery biscuits

Confectionary biscuit is another classification of biscuits that are made with fillings. Different filling such as fruits, nuts, honey, chocolate, jam and a lot more.

Different Types Of Biscuits

Rolled Biscuits

Rolled biscuits is also known as baking powder biscuit. Rolled biscuits are made by rolling the dough and the cutting the rolled dough and then baked. Although you can also cut rolled dough and turn into different shapes of your choice.

Rolled Biscuits have a fluffy and crunchy texture. It can either be a sweetened rolled biscuits or unsweetened rolled biscuits.

This type of biscuits is one of the most popular and commonly serve as an afternoon snack.

Drop Biscuits

Drop Biscuit is a type of biscuits made by directly dropping the dough on the baking sheet unlike with rolled biscuits wherein dough is cut after being rolled.

Drop biscuits are thick and appears to be flatter than rolled biscuits. Although considered to be a sweet treat but not too sweet.


Scones are biscuit types that is popular across the globe. Often consumed at breakfast or used to accompany drinking of tea.

Scones comes are sweet with a touch of savory. It appears shaped as a wedge, the sides are crispy and crusty. This type of biscuits are soft and flavorful. It is usually made of cream and butter.

Wafer Biscuits

I guess most of us are familiar with wafers. These are soft and thin but crispy pastry with a flat texture. Believed to have originated in Austria and Italy but has made gained its popularity everywhere.

Wafer biscuits are mostly sold in the grocery stores or supermarkets. It comes in different flavors but the most common flavors includes vanilla and chocolate. It usually comes as rectangular shaped bars and biscuits.

Angel Biscuits

Angel biscuits are made from baking powder, flour, yeast and soda. This types of biscuits are fluffier and delicious. Angel biscuits are also thin and lightweight. Since it is made of yeast, it usually rice before the baking process actually begins.

Ginger Biscuits

Another popular biscuit types are the Ginger Biscuits. As the name itself suggest, Ginger biscuits are made with ginger (powdered) and with additional ingredients such as cinnamon, flour and nutmeg.

Although ginger biscuits are hard, they can easily melt in your mouth. This type of biscuits are also crispy, crunchy and irresistibly delicious biscuit best consumed as a snack accompanied with coffee or tea.

Digestive Biscuits

In the United Kingdom, digestive biscuits is very popular. This types of biscuits can either be unsweetened or lightly sweetened.

The leavening ingredient use to make digestive biscuits is the baking soda, hence the name Digestive Biscuit. It is called as such simply because in the past, sodium bicarbonate is usually used to help with problems with indigestion.

Shortcake Biscuits

Shortcake can also be considered as a biscuit type. It is made of either sugar or whipped cream and toppings such as strawberries although you can also use other toppings of choice that is why shortcakes also comes in different flavors depending on the toppings you choose.

Southern Buttermilk Biscuits

Southern Buttermilk biscuit is a type of biscuit that are flaky, tender and very delicious. It is made primarily of Buttermilk and butter. The ingredients is responsible for making southern buttermilk biscuit smooth and sticky. Often, baking soda is added to the dough to make the biscuit.

Fig Roll Biscuits

Fig Roll biscuits is a delicacy in Egypt. Although not as popular as other biscuit types, nevertheless Fig roll biscuits has the same delicious taste as compared to other types.

Fig roll biscuits are considered to be a healthy biscuit variant because it is made of fig paste and wheat flour, which makes this type of biscuit one with protein, calcium and fiber content.

This type of biscuit contains fig paste as filling making fig rolls an ideal snack.

Cantuccini Biscuit

Cantuccini biscuits is a popular biscuit originated in Italy, hence belonging to the Italian cuisine. An Italian Cookie biscuit that is crunchy, crispy, dry and of course delicious.

Cantuccini biscuits are made with flour, almonds, eggs, pine nuts and sugar. The ingredients are cooked and then cooked twice.


There are some countries such as Europe, Africa and Asia considers cookies same as biscuits, but there are also other countries such as in the US that does not consider cookies and biscuit as the same type.

There are different varieties of cookies, and each comes in different flavors and fillings. But regardless of the flavor and fillings, cookies is still a delicious snack.

Crostoli Biscuit

Crostoli is another delicacy that originates in Italy. It can either be called a biscuit or a pastry. Crostoli are ribbon shaped dessert that are flaky. It is often drizzled with powdered sugar. It is often crunchy. It can easily melts in your mouth.

Arrowroot Biscuits

An arrowroot biscuit is considered to be healthy type of biscuit simply because it is made of Titular Arrowroot. An arrowroot is a starch taken from rhizomes of tropical plants. The plants usually has health benefits that is why these type of biscuits are nutritious and healthy.

Arrowroot biscuits is usually served as a snack paired with either a tea or a coffee.

Bourbon Biscuits

Bourbon biscuit is a biscuit sandwich made by combining two flavored rectangular shaped (usually chocolate) biscuits and added with fillings in between. Fillings is usually made of chocolate butter cream.

Bourbon biscuits has a crunchy, dry and very tasty.


Everybody loves marshmallow, even kids and adults of all ages. It comes in different flavor varieties but the most popular and commonly eaten are the marshmallows coated with chocolate, though the regular non-coated is popular as well.

Marshmallow have a soft and spongy texture. It is made of corn syrup and sugar.

Rich Tea Biscuits

Rich Tea biscuits is another types of biscuits on our list. It is made of vegetable oi, sugar, wheat flour and malt extract.

It was first developed in the late 17th century Yorkshire in England and was originally called as Tea Biscuit. At present, it is very popular in Europe and across the globe. It is often best served with tea.

Indian Biscuits

Indian Biscuits are also called Osmania biscuits or Karachi Biscuit. This biscuit types are flat, either round or rectangular shaped and thick biscuits best served as snacks paired with great cup coffee or tea. The famous Indian biscuits have a lightly sweet and with a hint of salty taste.


Although this type of biscuit is less popular or in fact not widely known in other regions, but in Greece Kourabiethes is a popular biscuit.

This type of biscuit is coated with sugar, so if you are the type with a sweet tooth then Kourabiethes biscuit will suit you best.

Although it comes in different shapes, the round shape is the most common shape.


Last but not the least on our list are the Macaroons. It is a famous French biscuit made with coconuts. These are round-shaped biscuits with lightly sweet biscuit. It has a crunchy texture on the outside and a fluffy and soft texture on the inside.

Just like with other pastries and biscuits, it is served best with great cup of coffee and or tea.

Final Thoughts

The types of biscuits mentioned in this article are just some of the biscuit types that are popular and well known. For biscuit lovers out there, why not try the biscuits mentioned above and let us know what you think.

Have you ever tried one of the biscuits mentioned, if so which one and which one is your favorite. Let us know what you think.

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