What is Yakitori Japanese Skewer and its context

What is Yakitori Japanese Skewer?

Japan is the fourth largest island country in the world situated in the east coast of Asia that is composed of around 6,852 islands. Tokyo, which is the capital City of the country, is famous because of its tall and modern buildings, numerous shopping centers, and most especially of its widely known food courts and restaurants that offer variety of sumptuous delicacies. If you are a food lover and happen to roam around Japan, try their indulging Yakitori Japanese Skewers. If this is the first time you hear about this menu, read on and learn the background about Yakitori.

Yakitori is one of the most popular dishes in Japan, and it literally means grilled chicken. It is typically being prepared by skewering the chicken meat with steel or bamboo skewer, also known as kushi and cook over a charcoal fire or a gas grill. The Yakitori Japanese skewer can be salty or salty-sweet in taste, and is one of the regular street foods being sold. But due to high demand, yakitori is now being offered in the food court, yakitori shops, and even in chain restaurants. Yakitori is also perfect to complement with beverages like sake and beer. Affordable in price, but with a taste of an irresistible expensive delicacy.

Yakitori Japanese Skewer Preparation

Yakitori Japanese Skewer is designed to offer convenience in a way that it can be cooked anytime, anywhere. It is commonly cooked using a portable charcoal grills, and others use stationary grills especially in restaurants. The chicken skewers are usually cut into small and uniform sizes to make it easier and faster to cook. For Yakitori Japanese Skewer, they usually use bamboo which are typically flat in shape so it won�t roll while being grilled. It is also made easier to flip and hold the skewer. The cut meats are then skewered with a steel or bamboo, seasoned and garnished with either plain salt or a salty-sweet sauce also known as tare.

Yakitori Japanese Skewer Flavor

As previously mentioned, Yakitori Japanese Skewer can be salty (shio) or a combination of salty and sweet (tare). Shio is only a plain salt that is sprinkled over the Yakitori Japanese Skewer while being grilled. Tare on the other hand, is composed of soy sauce, mirin, sugar, and/or sake (a Japanese wine). These ingredients are mixed together to come up with thicker and sticky sauce. The sauce is then brushed on the Yakitori Japanese Skewer while grilling and before it is being served.

Commonly served Yakitori Japanese Skewer

If you�ve been to Yakitori restaurants in Japan, you will be astonished with the mouth-watering Yakitori Japanese Skewers being served. In fact, they serve almost all parts of the chicken skewers. Yet, you can also enjoy these irresistible chicken skewers in the comfort of your home. To know what the commonly served Yakitori Japanese Skewers are, see the list below.

what is japanese yakitori

Chicken Thigh yakitori recipe (momo)

what is japanese yakitori

Chicken Breast Yakitori recipe (mune)

what is japanese yakitori

Chicken Thigh & Scallion yakitori recipe (negima)

what is japanese yakitori

Chicken Tender yakitori recipe (sasami)

what is japanese yakitori

Chicken Skin yakitori recipe (kawa)

what is japanese yakitori

Chicken Wings yakitori recipe (tebasaki)

what is japanese yakitori

Chicken Tail yakitori recipe (bonjiri)

what is japanese yakitori

Chicken Cartilage yakitori recipe (nankotsu)

what is japanese yakitori

Chicken Heart yakitori recipe (hatsu)

what is japanese yakitori

Chicken Liver yakitori recipe (reba)

what is japanese yakitori

Chicken Thigh & Scallion yakitori recipe (negima)

what is japanese yakitori

Chicken Gizzard (sunagimo)

All of these menus are made of chicken parts, except for Chicken Thigh & Scallion yakitori recipe (negima) which is a combination of meat (chicken thigh) and vegetables (scallion). Its Japanese term �negima� means to put scallion on either side of the chicken meat. To elaborate, �negi� means scallion or shallot and �ma� means on either side.

Few Facts about Yakitori Japanese Skewer

  1. An epitome finger and street food patronized by the masses.�
  2. The skewers can be prepared in advance for quick and easy cooking.
  3. Yakitori Japanese Skewers are in-expensive compared to other dishes as they can be a combination of chicken meat and vegetables and most importantly, they are being cut into small pieces.
  4. This specialty can fit in with any diets as Yakitori Japanese Skewer is in low-carb, gluten-free, and vegetarians.
  5. It can be served as appetizers or as a main course.
  6. Yakitori Japanese Skewers can be cook anytime, anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions about Yakitori Japanese Skewer:

We have received a lot of queries regarding Yakitori Japanese Skewers, but we have mapped out the mostly asked questions. Check out the information we listed below.

Is Yakitori Japanese Skewer only served in Japan?

Answer: Technically, the menu originated in Japan. As the name �Yakitori� implies, it is a Japanese dish made of chicken meat, sliced into small pieces, skewered on metal skewers or bamboo and then grilled. However, this delicacy can also be prepared anywhere around the globe. With the advent of technology, Yakitori Japanese Skewer recipes can now be accessible by any individual, regardless of their race and regardless of which country they are from.�

Is Yakitori Japanese Skewer good for our health?

Answer: Since Yakitori is mostly made from chicken meat, it can be considered as a healthy food compared to other street foods. In fact, chicken meat contains protein and is a perfect meat for those who are on a diet. However, there are also fatty parts of the chicken meat that contains higher calories. But since it is cut into bite-sized and is being prepared in a minimal serving, it can still be considered as a healthy food. For as long as it is consumed in moderation, then definitely Yakitori Japanese Skewer is indeed good for our health.

Where can we eat delicious Yakitori when travelling to Japan?

Answer: If you are planning to travel in Japan and been wanting to try their mouth-watering Yakitori skewers, we have known some places that serve delicious skewers for a reasonable price. By the way, skewers are everywhere. They are being served in a festival food stands, Yakitori shops, supermarkets, and chain restaurants. But if you opt to have it from a restaurant, Tori Tetsu, Torikizoku, Toridori, and Yakitori Dojo are among the famous Yakitori Chain Restaurants that you should visit in Japan. If you don�t know where these chain restaurants are situated, utilize your smartphones and say hello to Google map.�

How do Yakitori Japanese Skewers differ to other grilled meat?

Answer: As what is being emphasized in our previous discussion, Yakitori is considered as a healthy food. Aside from the fact that it is made of chicken meat and sometimes combined with vegetables, there are also other chain restaurants that wrapped their skewers in seaweeds. Then that is way healthier compared to other grilled meat. But one thing that makes Yakitori distinct is their seasonings.�

How much will it cost to eat Yakitori Japanese Skewers?

Answer: The prices of Yakitori skewers depend on the parts of chicken being used. If you�ll eat Yakitori Japanese skewers in chain restaurants, the prices will still vary on the chicken part, servings, the food�s texture, and the seasonings. But then again, Yakitori is economical compared to other grilled meat. If you are on a tight budget and yet to afford Yakitori served in chain restaurants, you can also check out the recipe articles provided here on our website, or simply click the recipe title under �Commonly served Yakitori Skewer� section to learn how to prepare Yakitori skewers at home.

Can we use other meat in preparing Yakitori Japanese Skewers?

Answer: Just like in other Asian countries, they skewer other kinds of meat like pork or beef. However, if you use pork or beef instead of chicken meat, it can no longer be called as Yakitori. As Yakitori is defined, it is a Japanese kind of skewered chicken meat. But then again, cooking is an art and whatever kind of meat you�ll use to skewer, that will still do. As long as you enjoyed eating what you�ve prepared, it no longer matters how you would call your �own� recipe.�

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