9 Different Types Of Chinese Bun With Images

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Chinese Buns is a type of filled bun popular in the Chinese Cuisine. It is also referred to as Bao Buns which is pronounced as bow, but most of the time it is known for as steamed buns or Baozi. There are two types of Chinese buns: the Baozi and Mantou. Chinese bun are made from the mixture of ingredients such as flour, yeast, baking powder, sugar, oil and milk. These are delicious, fluffy and savory steamed bun filled with meat or vegetables wrapped inside a dough. There are many Bao Buns available today that is why in this guide, we will talk about the different types of Chinese Buns.

Different Types Of Chinese Bun


There are many different variety of fillings for each type of bun. Most of the time, Baozi bun are filled with meat and poultry of different kinds. Although meat and poultry are used to fill the buns, you can also modify into making it suitable for vegetarians as well.

While Baozi contains fillings, Mantou on the other hand does not have fillings stuffed inside. However it can still be as tasty and delicious as Baozi since different flavors can be made as well. You can also make a hot dog bun out of Mantou but just slicing the bun and then adding hot dogs inside.

Types Of Chinese Bao Buns

types of chinese bun


A type of Chinese style steamed pork buns from Jiangsu province in Shanghai. Xiaolongbao literally means Little Basket bun. The steamed bun is filled with seasoned pork and large amount of hot flavorful soup. This means that aside from various meats stuffed inside, it also contains a broth. It is then steamed in a bamboo steamer that is designed specially for steaming Chinese buns.

The first Xiaolongbao created by Huang Mingxian is the owner of the restaurant called Ri Hua Xuan that first started selling Xiaolongbao steamed bun.

Depending on one’s preferences, you can also stuffed Xiaolongbao with either shrimp or crab meat instead of pork to make it more delicious although the dough used is relatively thin.

Eating suggestions include serving while still hot and pairing it with a ginger dip, tasty as ever.

types of chinese bun

Cha siu bao

Another type of Chinese bun is Cha siu bao. It is a popular pork roast sweet bun filled with barbecue-pork filling, Cha Siu pork. Cha Siu means pork filling, while Bao means bun, hence the name Chao Siu Bun. Cha Siu pork used to stuffed this type of buns are roasted slowly over a prepared barbecue sauce.

These type of buns can either be baked or steamed, whichever cooking process is done it is still filled sweet and spicy pork filling. There are some who prefers Steamed Cha siu bao because it is softer and have a white color while others like baked Cha siu bao that is golden in color and most of the time glossy.

It is believed to be created by Zhuge Liang of China that dated back in the 3rd century, where it became the authentic dish. However, it became so popular that it is now known in different countries around the globe.

As of this writing, steamed buns can now be found mostly in every Dim sum mean while baked Cha siu bao are mostly available and can be purchased Chinese Bakeries.

types of chinese bun


Tangbao is a soup-filled type of Baozi popular in the Chinese Cuisine. It is also known as Soup-filled buns or Guantang Bao. There are different varieties on how these buns are made such as with a plain bread bun or a yeast dough. Either way, both are filled with a gelatinous filling.

The process in making Tangbao is pretty simple. After filling the dough flavored with a gelatinous filling, it is then twisted to sealed the dough usually at the top. After which it is then steamed so that the fillings on the inside are melted and turns into a flavorful soup. Twisting the tip of the dough is a way to seal it to prevent spilling of soup.

To make the experience more satisfying, it is recommended to serve tangbao immediately after the steaming process is done while the soup is still in liquid form and still warm. Since Tangbao is preferably served when still hot, chopsticks are being used to hold Tangbao to prevent the hands from accidental burns.

Another way to eat Tangbao is to hold the plate where tangbao is placed, take a small bit usually on the top of the bun (to prevent spilling of the soup) and then carefully sip the soup on the insides of the Baozi or you can use a straw to sip the soup.

types of chinese bun

Big Pau

It is another famous type of steamed bun wherein the soft fluffy bun are stuffed with fillings. The fillings (pork or vegetables) are more or less similar to other steamed buns, however the only difference is that it tends to be bigger in size than the rest. The buns is made using a yeasted dough creating a more tender and an bouncy texture when it is steamed.

Different varieties of fillings are mixed inside the bun such as minced pork or chicken, adding shiitake mushrooms and onions soaked in soy sauce, oyster sauce and sesame oil for that added flavor and taste. The most popular add on to the fillings are either Chinese sausage or hard boiled eggs. Although hard boiled eggs can either be as an addition to the fillings inside or it can also be placed at the top of the filling.

types of chinese bun


Doushabao also referred to as Red Bean Paste Steamed buns are fluffy buns that are stuffed with fillings of sweet red bean paste. It is another popular Baozi found in Chinese cuisine, however today it is already in available in other countries as well.

Make sure that when you are making Dou Sha bao, cook off as much water as you can possibly can. The rationale for this is that when too much moisture is present, the fillings on the buns tends to collapse while at the steaming process.

Also, make sure not to overproof the buns, doing so will only create air bubbles. There is not need to double the size of the buns as it usually puffs to about half its size. That way you’ll know that the buns are not ready to be steamed.

types of chinese bun

Nai huang bao

These are the traditional Chinese steamed bun made from using a leavened wheat flour dough that are filled with sweet creamy egg custard filling. The buns are soft and the texture is spongy.

Nai Huang Bao is another dim sum classic, it is considered to be and ideal choice for gatherings and special occasions. With its rich buttery flavor and lively yellow colors made from custard, you can never go wrong with Nai huang bao as part of your snack time or tea time.

types of chinese bun

Zhi ma bao

Zhi Ma Bao is another Chinese style steamed bun that is basically filled with sweet Black Sesame paste. The Black sesame paste filling are creamy, nutty and outrageously delicious. Aside from that, it is nutritious with a lot of health benefits.

The buns used in making Zhi Ma Bao are made using leavened dough then the fillings inside consists of mixtures of black sesame, water, sugar and cornstarch. Other way of making Zhi Ma bao is by filling the buns with the black sesame seeds while the sesame seeds are sprinkled on top of the buns to make it more appealing.

types of chinese bun

Yacai bao

A picked Vegetable Baozi that originates from Sichuan province located in China. Most of the Chinese buns are made with leavened dough, so as this one.

The fillings on Yacai bun consists of Yacai made from the stems of mustard plant. The taste of Yacai can neither be salty, spicy or sweet but instead you can taste that veggie flavor.

However, if you are not into eating Yacai Bao with only mustard as the main ingredient, you also have the option to add fillings into the bun such as meat or any variety of vegetables.

types of chinese bun

Lotus seed bun 

Another Chinese sweet bun made by steaming the leavened yeast dough with lotus seed paste filling. Lotus seeds are known to be nutritious and contains nutrients that are need for the body. It has carbohydrates, protein and vitamins and minerals such as Vitamins B, C, A, vitamins E and potassium and sodium.

Other Types of Buns

Chinese buns are the most popular and most delicious bun everywhere, however there are also other types of buns out there that we also have to be aware of incase we run into one of these buns.

Cream bun

Another versions of this enriched dough bread roll is the Hong Kong Sweet bun. Although it is a popular pastry in Hongkong, Cream buns can also be found and are available in Chinese bakeries everywhere.

The fillings of Cream bun includes a butter cream or others likes to use whipped cream then sprinkled some coconut sprinkles on the outside of the bun.

Pão de queijo

A popular snack in Brazil is Pão de queijo, also called Brazilian Cheese bread. It is a small bread bun, baked cheese roll bread. Brazilians love to indulge Pão de queijo as a snack anytime of the day and most of the time during breakfast.

Zeeuwse bolus 

Also known as Zeeuwse Bolussen is a sweet pastry originated from the Dutch province. It is a spiral shaped bun covered in dark brown sugar, lemon zest and cinnamon. Considered one of the popular bun in the region.

Hot dog bun

As the name of bun itself, it is a soft bun shaped specifically to for hot dog, or others prefer to put any type of sausage that fits the bun. In the United States, the most common is the side loading while top loading is more common in New Zealand.

Pan de muerto

Also called Pan de los Muertos in Spain. It is a sweet roll traditionally baked in Mexico, a sweetened soft bread shaped like a bun.

Cinnamon bun

Cinnamon bun is a sweet roll served commonly in countries such as Europe (Northern) and America (Northern). It is made of Dough, sugar, butter and of course its main ingredient which is the Cinnamon.

Curry Bread

Most of the Japanese curry are wrapped in a dough and are then sprinkled and coated with flaky bread crumbs. After that, it is baked or deep fried bun according to ones preference.

Tea Cake

A fruited sweet bun popular in England. is made from yeast bun that contains dried fruit.

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