24 Different Popular Japanese Breakfast Recipes

japanese breakfast recipes

We all know that breakfast is an essential meal of each day therefore make sure to eat a nutritious and healthy breakfast. In Japan, a classic Japanese breakfast usually starts with rice dish. Though, Japanese breakfast can vary traditionally in every household but most of the time Japanese breakfast consists of rice, fish and miso soup. Sometimes eggs and salads are also included in a Japanese breakfast. In today’s post, let us discuss the different Japanese breakfast recipes that you can easily prepare at the home.

Popular Japanese Breakfast Recipes

Listed below are the most popular and some traditional Japanese Breakfast recipes that you might want to try making at home.

Japanese Pancakes

These are fluffy with a soufflés-like consistency that is usually served with maple syrup and melted butter.

Japanese pancakes are one of the favorite breakfast recipes in Japan. Aside from it is very easy to make, it also requires simple ingredients too. Though, you will be needing a non stick pan in order to achieve the perfect shape, and texture of your pancake.

One variety of Japanese pancake is the Japanese Red bean pancakes. It is made by filling two pancakes with sweet red bean paste. Other sandwich pancakes fillings includes Matcha cream or custard cream.

Japanese Street Crepes

Japanese street crepes is another Japanese breakfast favorite. It is made of thin crepes formed into a cone shape and added with fillings. The thin crepes should be rolled and made into a cone so that you can easily eat it anytime and anywhere. This type of Japanese breakfast can also be considered as your to-go breakfast.

The fillings for street crepes will be according to your own choice but the most common fillings includes caramel, strawberry, lettuce and tuna.

Japanese Fruit Sandwich

Japanese Fruit Sandwich is also known as Fruit Sando. It is a popular dish in most fruit stands and street foods in Japan.

This dish is made of 2 milk bread slices with fillings of Fresh Japanese fruits and whipped cream.

Preparing this dish at home is very easy and is ideal for individuals that is usually on the rush and on a tight schedule.

Rice Sandwich BLT Onigirazu

This Japanese breakfast recipe is similar to the fruit sandwich mentioned above but the difference is that aside from using two milk bread slices, rice sandwich BLT Onigirazu dish uses two hand formed rice patties instead.

With regards to the fillings, it can vary according to one’s preferences. The Japanese version of BLT is consists of fried cutlets, eggs and lettuce. Rice patties with fillings are then wrapped with Nori sheets or seaweed sheets.

Japanese Milk Bread

Japanese milk bread is another fluffy and soft treat in Japan. Tangzhong is responsible for making the bread soft and fluffy. In Japan, the milk bread is eaten in different ways and uses different varieties of spread.

Banana Muffins

The combination of bananas and muffins is simply mouth watering. Banana muffins are made with caramelized bananas. Aside from it taste delicious and flavorful, it has sweet light and mild taste.

It is best served with toppings of Nutella for that extra chocolatey sweetness to your Banana Muffins.

Japanese Banana Bread

Banana bread is a classic breakfast food not only in Japan but in several regions as well. The bread is basically made of Bananas, hence the name.

Although it is similar to banana muffins wherein banana is the main ingredient, both differs in terms of the taste that perfectly sweet, freshness and moisture a banana bread can offer, especially the homemade banana bread.

Japanese Fish Waffles

Japanese Fish Waffle is also known as Taiyaki. These are fish shaped Japanese dish usually eaten as dessert. Taiyaki recipes uses flour combined with sugar, egg, milk, water and baking powder.

These fish shaped dessert has a crispy outer texture while insides are filled with red bean paste. Although you also have the option to use fillings such as custard cream or Nutella as an alternative to red bean paste.

Strawberry Compote

What is a compote? A compote is a fruit sauce that is made of either fresh or frozen fruit mixed with sugar and is cooked on a stove resulting to either a chunky fruit syrup or a texture fruit sauce.

In here, we have one variety of compote known as Strawberry compote or Strawberry sauce. It is made by combining the strawberries, juice and sugar. This strawberry compote can be used as topping or spread to any kind if bread such as pancakes, waffles and cheesecake. It is often used as a substitute to any jam spread.

Ogura Toast

Ogura Toast is another Japanese breakfast favorite. Aside from it is very easy to prepare, it is so delicious and healthy as well. This is one of Japan’s to-go breakfast recipe since preparing the dish by simply spreading the toasted bread with butter and red bean paste.

With Ogura toast, you can have both the sweetness taste (comes from the red bean paste) and fluffy texture (comes from the bread).

Rice With Green Tea

Rice with green tea or Japanese Green tea rice is a healthy dish in Japan often served during breakfast. The term Ochazuke, is a Japanese term that means eating rice in a bowl with green tea.

The dish is made by simply pouring warm green tea over cooked rice in a bowl. You can either use brown rice, to make this dish even more nutritious when eating rice or you can use leftover rice (main ingredient). Although if you do not like green tea, you can use dashi (Japanese stock) broth instead to pour over your rice.

Aside from pouring green tea over your rice, additional ingredients can be added too such as salmon, pickled plum and wasabi.

Japanese Breakfast Rice Bowl With Egg

Tamago kake gohan is another term used to refer this Japanese breakfast recipe. It is a popular Japanese breakfast dish that mainly consists of raw egg and soy sauce topped in Japanese rice (steamed rice) in a single bowl.

The secret to eating this dish is to place the raw egg first as topping to hot rice before mixing the ingredients together. The raw eggs will be cooked into a soft-boiled that comes from the heat of the steamed rice.

Rice Porridge With Honey And Ginger

Japanese rice porridge is considered to be one of the easiest Japanese breakfasts Recipe in Japan. For plain rice porridge, the ingredients includes rice, water and salt.

However, if you want to enhance the flavor of the rice porridge you can use stock instead of using water. Aside from that, sesame seeds pickled plums and green onions are also used as toppings.

The term Okayu in Japan is a Japanese rice porridge dish that is made of plain rice porridge but with added flavors of honey and ginger.

Japanese Scrambled Eggs

If you are wondering how are Japanese scrambled eggs differs from other scrambled eggs. In Japan, scrambled eggs are tastier because of the soy sauce added. This gives the dish its in depth flavor and taste. And since it is already flavorful, there is no need to add ketchup or Tabasco sauce.

Japanese Rice Balls

The term Onigiri in Japan means Japanese Rice balls. It is also known as Omusubi or Nigirimeshi. It is a Japanese dish that is made from white rice that is from into either cylindrical or triangular shape.

Most of the time, leftover rice is the ideal rice to used when making Onigiri. Fillings added can either be tuna or pickled plum, cheese, mushrooms or often chicken are used. Finishing touches include wrapping it with dried seaweed or Nori sheets.

It is the ideal breakfast recipe for those who are unable to prepare a breakfast in the morning since with a Japanese rice balls you can prepare this dish in advance and just store inside the fridge to be served in the morning after reheating or warming it using the microwave.

Japanese Egg Rolls

The use of Bento boxed meal menu is what makes Japanese cuisine unique from other cuisines. The meal typically consists of steamed rice and side dishes such as Japanese Egg rolls or also called Tamagoyaki (rolled omelet).

Tamagoyaki are made by rolling thin layers or egg and then cut into pieces. It taste sweet and salty. Japanese egg rolls are best served with Shiro dashi sauce, dashi soup stock or Kombu broth, salt, sugar, chopped green onions and olive oil.

Simple Skillet Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki is a popular street food in Japan, specifically in Osaka. It is a savory pancake that is made with eggs, flour, cabbage and meat (meat of choice). You also have the option to exclude meat and go for full vegetable ingredients.

Japanese “Garden Breakfast” On A Skillet

Similar to Okonomiyaki dish mentioned above, the Garden Breakfast recipes is served on a skillet. It is very simple and easy to make, just simply tossed all chopped vegetables (baby spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms and kale) to the skillet and stir fried everything.

To enhance the flavor of the dish, you can add soy sauce. Finishing touches including topping it with fried egg or eggs.

Easy Breakfast Omurice

In Japan, an Omurice is an omelet with fried rice. A Japanese breakfast recipe that is easy to make. The omelet with fried rice with fillings of peas, tomato paste, and mushrooms is one delicious breakfast Japanese meal.

Japanese French Toast

The Japanese version of French toast is made by using roasted soybean flour or also called Kinako, and Black sugar syrup or Okinawan Kuromitsu instead of the original recipe egg mixture used such as sugar, whipped cream and syrup.

Japanese Avocado Toast

Next we have the Japanese Avocado Toast, not only enjoyed in Japan but is loved by all. Although with the Japanese version of Avocado toast, what makes it unique from other versions is because of the roasted seaweed used.

With this Japanese breakfast recipe, the creamy avocado and roasted seaweed are used as toppings to toasted bread.

Vegan Onigiri

In Japanese cuisine, Onigiri is one of Japan’s iconic dish because of it is versatile. The vegan version also called Vegan Onigiri is made by stuffing of kelp, pine nuts, mustard greens, pickled plum and carrots.

Miso Breakfast Oats

Another healthy Japanese Breakfast option is the Miso Breakfast Oats. This savory oatmeal is very easy to prepare. All you need to do is to mix all the ingredients together such as miso paste, kale, oats, and coconut milk. Add some condiments to taste. Miso Breakfast Oats is full of umami flavors.

Tea-Boiled Rice With Sweet Potato

Another healthy option for your breakfast meal is the tea-boiled rice with sweet potato dish. It is made with rice, sweet potato and tea bags.

The term tea-boiled simply means cooking the rice with tea resulting to an aromatic flavor and taste. The potato add that sweetness to this dish.

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